Saturday, October 25, 2014

lazy saturday...i wish!

Last night I ran into a long time friend, Beth (I no longer enjoy the term "old friend" ha!). I always enjoy at least a quick chat with familiar faces - sadly, I am more likely to cross a restaurant to say "hi!" than others are to come greet me! Sad comment on my popularity! Then I was cruising the internet today and was reminded of this month's fabulous project from Stampin' UP's Paper Pumpkin program and wondered how many folks take the time anymore to prepare a special individual treat for each friend and loved one at their Thanksgiving table? I know I that old fashioned, too? Folks are too busy out painting a picture they will never hang in the public spaces of their home to take the time to make treats for their special holiday guests. There is no more fun play date for me than sitting around a table with great people, making great treats for their great friends. I'm available if you need a "guide".
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