Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Memory Calendar

Hi all
As I mentioned in my previous post, I  met my dear friend for breakfast this morning (even though it was very cold!!).  I wanted to give her a little gift and I wanted it to have a family connection.  We have been buds since the year I started my professional career - a long time ago -  We were hired under the same grant and worked together for a very long time.  Through it all, my friend has held family - her parents, her sibling, and her husband and children - as her very top priority.  She has faced many challenges in her assorted roles as wife and mother and has always risen to each challenge with intelligence and insight. I treasure her.  So I made an empty calendar for her.  I know she will have plenty of possible pictures or thoughts to save on the top note dies of each page.  It will be made special by her personalization of the pages.  here they are...

And, dear friend that she is, she showed up with a special find for me, too....a Winnie the Pooh cookie stamp - I was thrilled when I got home and saw how perfectly it fit into my Pooh collection.  As it turns out, it is the only Pooh item I received this Christmas - whew!  that was a close one!  Can't imagine a Christmas without Pooh!
Hope this simple approach to scrap booking inspires one of you to give it a try!!


Paper crafting again!!

Hi all
Today I finished making a 2011 photo-less calendar for a dear friend of mine who I am meeting for breakfast this week and I snapped pictures to show the project to you.  Unfortunately, my camera was near dead.  Did I leave it turned on sometime?  Anyway, I was not able to get the battery recharged yet so I cannot transfer the pictures over to my computer (hmm...should have pulled out the card and stuck it directly into the computer!!!  I always forget I can do that!!)  Anyway, I will get it all together for you tomorrow (Tuesday)  Whoops!  technically it already is Tuesday.  Later, okay, later.  I have to take my coughing, sneezing, no fever but I need some rest head to bed!  Tomorrow is supposed to be artic-ly cold..ick!!


Friday, December 24, 2010


Merry Christmas, all!!
I am just getting ready to head out to church for our Christmas Eve service (we have to leave an hour ahead of time to even think about getting a seat!) and wanted to wish everyone a joyous holiday celebration and peace in your hearts.  Troubled times have lingered for a long time now, yet we are all fortunate in some way.  Whether you enjoy good health, a prosperous job, the love and comfort of friends and family, or simply the knowledge that you are being the very best you you can be under your personal circumstances, we can all be grateful for something.  Take a minute to appreciate that and hug someone dear to you.  Pray others enjoy some special gift as well.

Today I was prepping the dinner table for my Christmas dinner guests and I came across a box of wooden roses from the marching band fundraiser I did last year.  These particular wooden roses are all embossed with the name and date of the event ...once the event was over, they were not sell-able to the audience.  But they are still pretty white wooden roses.  I hate to throw them away, knowing that somewhere there is a group of people who are visiting shut ins or folks in nursing care facilities, or such, who would love receiving a rose for their birthday or holiday.  If you happen to be involved in a local (Perry Hall/Baltimore) service project of this kind and think you could use the roses, please get in touch with me.  The engraving is easily sanded off with a dremel sanding ring or sanding block(I know because I have already done it several times).  It does leave a scuffed area, but they are still lovely flowers.  I am not looking to make any money off of these flowers and want them to go to someone who is also not planning on profiting from them.  Let me know if you are interested.

Merry Christmas!!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

What's she been up to?

Happy holidays, stampers!!
I know yo'al  have been as busy as I have been lately.  That's just the way it is at this time of year.
Today I spent five hours at B&N gift wrapping for donations for the drumline and color guard.  We did better this week in terms of donations in comparison to last week.... but I am glad to say, that is the last time I will have to do that.  I am not a good "sit around and wait for something to happen" person.  When I have free time, I usually launch into one of the many things I have in my head to do....Long story on where that comes from, I just know that is how I operate... so I try to always have a little something to do ..just in case there is a lull.  Today we had some odd distractions...one was that the lady that organized our service witnessed an accident through the front window of the store.  She was able to catch the owner of the car that was struck ..which made us all feel better as the driver had walked off without leaving a note.

Tonight I wanted to show you what has had my attention lately...

All  these Santas and reindeer will be attached to small bags of candy for my coworkers.  Here is a picture of the 100 or so I have already finished - only about 30 or 40 to go....but I ran out of candies.  Good thing we are shopping tomorrow because I want to get these done before Monday.
Lucky for me, my friend, Kathryn recently brought me six of these nifty tins - they are perfect for holding my candy treats until I can deliver them.  Of course, I am already percolating on what I will do with the tins once I hand out the treats.  I also have some neat jars coming that I hope to feature in my Valentine class.  Stay tuned for details on that upcoming class.
Here is a pic of the individual treats...

Aren't  they sweet?
Some of the treats have regular M&M's and some have mint M&M's and still others have peanut M&M's.  I have to say the regular M&M's are the easiest to insert into the plastic sleeves.  I want to show you how I filled the sleeves (I didn't want to actually touch the candies I put in the sleeves).  Here is the beading tool I used to scoop up the candies and pour them into the sleeves.

Once the candies were on the tool, I inserted it into the sleeve and in went the candies!! Clean!!

Wish I could show you the candies going into the bag, but as I said earlier, I have run out of candies!!  Should have taken the pics earlier!!
Hope you are making great progress on your holiday gifts too.

Friday, December 17, 2010

boxesBoxes boxes

Hi all
I hope you will excuse me as I try to communicate with a co-worker through my blog.  She asked me to die cut some boxes for her students to make gifts for their families  but unfortunately, the paper she gave me is not big enough for the box we had discussed using.  Here is what I wanted to cut for her...

I want her to see what I can  do for her ....

This is the same box but the extra flaps that would normally  fold over the hanger, cannot fit on her paper.  If this box is good enough, I hope she will let me know so I can go ahead and cut them.  The other option I have that fits her paper is the mini milk carton die...the body of that box ends up being 2" tall and 1.5" wide sides. 
thanks for letting me show her the options.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

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Monday, December 13, 2010

Catchin up!!

Hi all
Tonight I have been busy making treats for my coworkers - for some of them I  am using the reindeer from my Nov 14th post and for the other school, I am using another version of the owl punch, adjusted!!!  You'll see that one closer to Christmas.  I hope to get some pictures of the process soon.  There are only 8 days of school left before Xmas, so I have to get busy.  I also need to make some more tags for the Barnes and Noble fundraiser which we are doing again next Saturday.  We made some money for the Drumline and the Color Guard but we had hoped to do a lot better.  Lots of folks looked at the table but not so many came to take advantage of the service.  Would love to hear your suggestions about how to make that more attractive to consumers.

Want to give a shout out to Allie and Jill who recently joined as followers.  Allie attended my last stamp a stack class with her mom and her mom's friend...we had a nice session together.  I met Jill on line...turns out she lives very near me.  Love to find stampin buddies!
Gotta hit the hay...tomorrow will be a cold cold cold commute ..ick!


Saturday, December 11, 2010

hi hi

I want to send a shout out to Sandie who just joined as a "follower"  - thanks for joining us and I hope you pop back often to see my latest playtime creations.  Feel free to leave a comment...I love those!!

I have just returned from breakfast with Santa - my friend's family and mine have been doing this tradition for a very long time -  over 20 years.  We go to a local fire hall near her home and have a darling breakfast - this year another friend stopped by the breakfast to say hello - It was great to see Debbie!  I even ran into another county Occupational Therapist and a gentleman we met in connection with marching band - and this event doesn't even happen in my community!  Small world.

Also want to shout out to my gals from last nights repeat Stamp a stack class.  Kathryn called them "sickos"  - me ?  I'm gonna avoid that term in case someone misunderstands!!! ha!!  It was great to see the returning stampers.  Special kudos to Whitney who joined us for the first time.  I so admire women who go do what they want to do, even if none of their buddies are available to go with them.  We were glad to have you.  Hope to see you with Kitty and Kristen in the near future.

I'm off to do gift wrapping at the White Marsh Barnes and Noble store as a fundraiser for the Color Guard and the Indoor Drumline of PHHS.  Hope lots of folks stop by for some free gift  wrapping - please consider placing  a donation for our worthy group in the collection bos.  We love to make friends through music!!!

Not sure if I will get to stamp today ..I plan to do my grocery shopping tonight since tomorrow is supposed to be yucky!


Thursday, December 9, 2010

Holiday/Xmas Card Stamp a Stack, Part 4, card 5

Hi all
Okay...today you get to use your imagination!!!  That's because I made my card and then decided I should have done it differently.  I told the ladies my new idea and they gave it a try....I think we all agreed it improved the card.  Here is my version...

I know!  I should have snapped a picture of the newer version but I forgot!!!  I'll try to remember to take one when the ladies come for the repeat class.  ANYWAY..... what they did was stamp the reindeer on the diagonal so it looked like they were taking flight!  Definite improvement!

Are you getting the christmas spirit?  Remember your loved ones are wondering what PERFECT gift to give you for the holidays.  Why not give them a list of some of your favorite Stampin' Up! product that you want?.  Imagine how much less stressful it will be to shop for you if you tell them just exactly what you want ...then they can order on line through my website store or they can contact me and I will input the order.  Are you hesitant to tell them what you really want?  Send me you list of SU favorites and your honeys contact info and I will approach them for you.  Remember there aren't many shopping days left until Christmas...15?

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Holiday/Xmas Card Stamp a Stack, Part 4, card 4

Hi all
I am really excited about the card I am posting for you today...it is a shaker card using our treat cups. I found some neat red and white candy cane candy embellishments by Wilton that I just had to use in a treat cup.
 When I took the picture, the card was on the table so the candies spilled upward and covered the Santa image behind it.  When you hold the card upright, you can see Santa through the cup ... he is actually stamped inside the card.  In order to make the santa visible through the cup, I attached a piece of acetate to the back of the cup.  It occurred to me after I made the card that I am not sure the acetate I used is food safe.  With all the talk of elements leaching from containers, I thought it might be a good idea to find another alternative to back the cup.  I wondered if press and seal plastic food wrap would  work but in truth, I haven't had a chance to try it...If one of you try it, be sure to let me know how it turns out.
Lots of cards that use the treat cups have intricate trap doors and sliders to keep the candies in.  Here is a picture of the inside of my card so you can see the backing on the treat cup.

We removed the cover from the adhesive on the cup and then we placed the acetate over the opening.  Then we put glue dots on the front side of the cup lip and those glue dots stick to the inside cover of the card.  When you want to get to the candy, you just separate the apparatus from the card front and the card still looks good!  The Santa was especially easy to position inside the card.  We punched the cover of the card with the hole punch and then lightly traced the hole onto the inside of the card.  Using a clear mount Santa stamp we placed him exactly where we wanted him - for me, I wanted to have his waving hand show in the opening of the cover.  Easy peasy.  Fun fun fun card!!  and a Peggy original!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Holiday/Xmas Card Stamp a Stack, Part 4, card 3

Hi all
Today's card is sooo cute!!  The design was inspired by a wonderful stamper, Belinda Tubby.  My ladies were worried about cutting 6 gingerbread boys times 4 cards, but I had scissors at the ready so they needn't have worried - I cut out lots of them for them.  The baking pan is silver card stock - I tried actually using metal but it was hard to get a clean fold on the ends so I used the silver card stock instead.  The layering of the word set initially seemed a challenge but when the ladies saw a demo of how I did the faux layer, they were good to go!  When you want to make a card like this -one  that involves tight cutting, I like to put the stamped strip and a pair of straight and curved blade cuticle scissors in an envelope.  Then when I get stuck at a long traffic light, or have to wait in the doctor's office, I can just pull out the materials and cut a few more.   Makes it less tedious.
Don't you love it???????

Isn't it soo cheerful??!

Thanks for visiting...leave a comment!!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Holiday/Xmas Card Stamp a Stack, Part 4, card 2

Hello again!!
I am writing this post on Sunday as I watch the final minutes of the Raven's game.  It is sooo distracting ...so if I am sounding incoherent, you will know why!!
The card I want to show you today is a snowman card.   Now I saw a stamp of the same idea a couple of years ago - I actually took a picture of the stamp with my phone because I though gee- you don't need a stamp for that - you could use punches to make it.

AAAUUUGGGHH!!  The Raven's  lost!!   NNNoooooooo!!!!

Shake it off....shake it off...shake it off!!!!

Anyway, several folks have been doing variations of this card lately.  Here is mine!

Don't you love the little cardinals builder wheel  in the background!!  Too sweet!!  Of course, the snowman's arms were made from the large snowflake punch, the hat is a square and a word window punch, the snowflakes are from a sizzlits die.  I used a non SU small scallop punch which I cut like a pie to make the carrot nose. Rhinestones for eyes. 
Remember to call me or email if you will be joining us for card making on Friday night.


Sunday, December 5, 2010

Holiday/Xmas Card Stamp a Stack, Part 4, card 1

Hi All
Well I am watching the Ravens game as I am posting this project from our class today.  Our class session was long - but they usually are when you are making 20 cards at once!!  I thought I would post this particular card tonight because one of the ladies suggested I probably had the Raven's game on my mind when I chose the colors ....Eggplant Envy and Daffodil Delight! The beauty of this card, especially this close to Christmas, is that it is a quick one to assemble.  Spritz the cardstock with water, run it through the Big Shot in the Petals a Plenty embossing folder, punch, stamp, punch, punch, and highlight with a marker, and you are good to go!!  Funny thing about this card is that it is unlikely to be anyone's favorite of the five we made today (though everyone seemed to like it)...but it is likely to be the one someone will make when time is of the essence, as it is this close to Christmas!!   Here it is...thanks to Tina Taves for the idea!

Come back soon to see the other goodies from today!   By the way, we had a little last minute situation impact a trio of ladies who signed up for the class.. I will be redo-ing the class for them this Friday night ...IF ANYONE WANTS TO JOIN THEM FOR THIS CLASS ON FRIDAY NIGHT, CONTACT ME BY 8pm TUESDAY NIGHT. The fee is $25 for 20 cards (5 designs, four of each) OR SPECIAL OFFER, 5 DESIGNS, 2 OF EACH FOR $15.  You need to bring your various adhesives.  I hope to begin at 6:30pm but if you can't make it till later that will be okay too.  Remember I must hear from you by Tuesday night - BE SURE TO LET ME KNOW IF YOU WANT TO MAKE 10 OR 20 CARDS-   so I have time to cut the materials.  I have other commitments on both Wednesday and Thursday nights, so my cutting time will be significantly limited. But we would love to have you with us!!


Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Hi all - just want to give a quick shout out to my latest recruit, Beth!!  She is official and soo excited to receive her new kit.  She is going to have a little Christmas before Christmas, I think!!!  Fun!  Welcome. Beth!!


Monday, November 29, 2010

Countdown to Christmas Tin

Hi Stampers
You might have noticed that Sunday was the Countdown to Christmas class and so of course, today I want to show you the project.  I love the way it turned out!

Originally, I had planned to use a heavy duty mini muffin tin for the base of the project but recently I decided the entire task would be easier (and lighter) if it was made from a disposable aluminum pan.  Now just cuz the pan is disposable doesn't  mean this will only last one year.  I think it is good for a while!!  Of course the trim around the edges is the Stampin' Up! fabric (currently on sale til Nov 30th).  I used a piece of retired sage shadow cardstock as the face of the project - the layers are done in real red, blushing bride, and whisper white.  The images are from the Jolly Bingo bits and I used a bit of Stickles to highlight each image.  I used almost 30 silver brads to hold the whole project together.  They were easy to push through the tin.  I used some retired SU ribbon to hang the project.  I put Hershey kisses in my tin but you could easily use any similar size candy or treat.  You could even put non-candy small trinkets or clues  inside.  As you can see in the second picture, to get to the treats you just swing the circle to the side.

Would love to hear what you think of my project.  Leave me a comment or e-me!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Black Friday activities

Hi all
Hope everyone is enjoying the holiday weekend!  Many of you spent Black Friday standing in lines and shopping the malls.  Not me!!  Last week I decided to schedule to have my car worked on - regular maintenance.  I called to make the appointment and the lady astonished me with her prediction of the cost.  Apparently I had rolled over a major mileage level and big things needed to be taken care of.  My car has been great so I resigned myself to the fact that eventually we all have to face the music. Go for it!  Well, when I dropped off the car we discovered I had another major "thing" to be updated ...so the "estimate" doubled...yikes!  A couple of hours later, the sales gal called me to confirm that the second "thing" was indeed necessary...AND when they checked my front and rear brakes they needed replacement....and the estimate was now triple the original amount!!!  Luckily, I was given a rental car free so I was able to be at home during the day.   I feared driving an unfamiliar car in the craziness of the mall parking lots, so at home is where I stayed. Although I usually do all the family driving, I chose to leave the rental car at home.  Anyway while I was waiting for the car repairs to be finished, I worked on making a pile of tags.  Each year the drumline and the color guard  go to Barnes and Noble to wrap holiday gifts in hopes of getting some donations from the patrons for the Band.  I always make tags to go with the gifts as the store only gives us the paper.  We are doing two Saturdays in December (11th and 18th) during the day at the White Marsh store.  If you are there, stop by and say hi!  Here is what I accomplished while I waited for my car to be finished.

The DSP is retired from previous years; the snowflakes are from a current SU/Sizzix strip die.  The base of each tag was cut from the cardboard box that contained my anniversary roses.  I love to recycle!!  I covered the green side and let the white show in the back.  I think I finished over 70 - hope that is enough for at least the first day.
Stop back tomorrow to see the countdown to Christmas tin I made.  I was very happy with how it turned out.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Stampin' Up! Saleabration and new Mini Brochures

Hi Stampers!
I have until Nov 30th to select the names of the people I want to receive the new Stampin' Up! mini catalog (will begin on Jan 4th) and SAB brochure (begins Jan 25).  Would you like to have one of these?  Email me at david.outen@verizon.net with your snail addy so I can add you to my list.

Remember too that this Sunday, November 28, 2010 is the deadline for signing up with payment for the Holiday Card Stamp a Stack, Part 4 which will be held on Dec 5, 2010 starting at 2PM.   This is the last holiday card class to be held before Christmas.  Imagine how great it will feel to go home with 20 hand crafted holiday cards ready to be signed and mailed– knowing I did all the cutting and prep work for you!!  I only have a few seats left, so contact me PDQ!!  Hey!  You'll even be home in time to see the Steelers/Ravens game!


shopping for a bargain!!!

Hi stampers!!
While you are running around with sore feet and a tired back, remember you can shop online in the comfort of your home through my Stampin' Up! website AND get some fabulous deals at the same time.  There are quite of lot of great items reduced by 30%, 40 % and 50% and if your order reaches $150 (subtotal) you get FREE SHIPPING TOO!!!   Wouldn't your loved ones want to get you EXACTLY what you want at a reduced price with free shipping.  Tell them today all the Stampin' Up! goodies you want!!  You say your wish list is short right now?  Send me your wish list and I will put it together with others to get you free shipping. Imagine all the great things you can make with these great products. 

Monday, November 22, 2010

FAB- U - LOUS holiday SALE !!!!!


Well did you click on this link?  YOU MUST!!!!  You have to see the many many (over 60) items that are reduced 50, 40 or 30% right now!!  but they are only on sale until Nov 30th!!!   things like...

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Call me  for help!!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

gobble gobble gobble!!!

Guess what?  I'm still not finished ...but I am close!!
Here is what the first turkey looked like....notice he has the googly eyes.

Here is what I did instead of the googly eyes.....I punched two holes in the owl body using the retired double hole punch, and then used a very small sponge on a stick to smudge around the eye holes.  Then I used a hand held heart punch and half of the mini scalloped circle punch for the beak and wattle.  Candies are attached on the back.  Hopefully, they will give my coworkers a smile!   and you too!!!!
Tomorrow there will be a special offer announced by SU! but I will be at work til 4 so I hope you can be patient until I get home to post the details.  It will be worth checking out!!

Still in progress.....

Hi all
Here is the mess of my "turkeys in progress"!!  I have several punches out - the owl, the largest scallop punch, the medium scallop punch, a small non-SU scallop punch, the mini scallop circle punch, the retired SU double circle punch, and a mini heart punch. Oh! and the candies I am attaching to the backs of each turkey.  I am using my glue dots and my  two way glue pen - it gets in tight spaces very nicely but I haven't been neat so I  have stickiness all over the place!!  I have been doing this assembly line style.

I also have out my black pad and my name stamp to sign the backs...oh and a black marker too. 
I started out using googly eyes but they are so tiny I was going bonkers - the static electricity was making them pop all over the place so I decided to use the double circle punch to make holes in the owls body and use the marker to make eye balls.  Works much better!
Anyway, it is late and I have completely finished only about 50 or so - we went out for dinner tonight to celebrate my 27 wedding anniversary.  Had a delicious dinner of shrimp and scallops.  Yum!  Also popped out to the craft store to get myself a new cutting mat for my counter top-  with a coupon of course.  Ran into a stamper in the store and we chatted a bit.  I should have been home working on these, I guess, because  I still have lots more to complete.  I'll finish them tomorrow.  It's off to bed - watch a quick episode of West Wing and I'm off to sleep.  Hope you will come back tomorrow to see the final products.


Saturday, November 20, 2010

thanksgiving treats are in progress

Hi all
Has been a busy week and so I am a bit behind in making my coworkers their "owl" thanksgiving treats.  I have been punching all night!!  ....scalloped circles...hearts....more scalloped circles....owls...more scalloped circles.... hearts.....I am working on trying to make the assembly a bit more expedient as I really do not have time to glue 300 googly eyes!!!  I hope to have the model and at least half of the final products done tomorrow  .....then I will post them for you to see.  I am using up some of the retired SU colored cardstock  from last year as they are sooo autumn-ish.  Lovin' it!
I want to remind you about the wonderful offer from Stampin' Up! for the HALF PRICE starter kit - that $87.50 will get you at least 20% off all your own purchases and an opportunity to pre-order from the upcoming mini catalog and SAB catalog.  You will get the monthly SU Stampin Success magazine and access to the "demo" side of the SU website.  Even if you never choose to do a workshop, you can enjoy all these benefits for only $300 per quarter (3 months) in sales/purchases.  I would love to have you join my group ...call me so I can answer your questions.
Having mentioned Sale a bration - I should remind you that it is not too early to set up your SAB workshop.  The SAB period is long enough to even do two workshops a month apart.  Call me.!  Also - you are going to want to jump back here on Monday to see a GREAT new offer from SU!  Can't tell but it is worth coming back to peek!!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Makin' fun for the kids!!

Hi all 
Today I have a simple little project to show you.  Why simple?  Because this is the project I have offered to set up for the kids at one of my schools to make when they come to Barnes and Noble night at our local store.  Last year they had 100 kids show up but this year they are expecting closer to 200!!!!  Holy cow!!  200 kids in just a couple of hours.  Yowwww zaaa!  I have decided to use the owl punch - mostly because the schools mascot is the owl!!!  Hope the kids will enjoy making the owl into a reindeer!!  We will attach them to the popsicle stick as a bookmark. 
We will use gem and wiggle eyes and adhesive dots to speed up the process and the mouth is done using a white gel pen.  His antlers are made from 1/3 of a snowflake punch.
Now here is what I wanted to share with you .....The snowflake punch takes quite a hard squeeze to cut through cardstock - mostly because of all the details.  I was struggling (my carpal tunnel didn't enjoy this activity) but then it occurred to me I should try my old power punch.  It worked!!!!  see here....
So glad I thought to try it!!  See the white strips attached to the sides?  I put them on the sides to  show me where to position the two inch strip of cardstock so I could accurately align the paper to the punch without turning the punch up side down.  I punched them out lickety split!!  I'm all ready and the event isn't for weeks!!  We will probably stick the eyes and jewels onto the dots and let the kids peel them off.  Hope it works!!
Hope to hear from you soon that NOW you are ready to get 20% or more off all your Stampin' Up! purchases.  Or that you are interested in attending convention in the summer.  Or that you want to receive the Stampin' Success magazine each month- full of stampin ideas!  Or that you want to see if you can succeed at your very own business, tailored to your liefestyle and schedule.  The half price ($87.50) starter kit goes on sale on Monday!! Call me!!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Holiday/Xmas Card Stamp a Stack, Part three card 5

Hi all
Here is the last card from the Stamp a Stack class.  This is a PRO original.  Hope it makes you smile.
I think the certainly celery cardstock gives it a fresh look with the wild wasabi accents.  The "YUM YUM" is from a retired stamp set - I have two of these sets to sell if any one is interested.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Holiday/Xmas Card Stamp a Stack, Part three, card 4

Hi all
Today's card is tweaked from an adorable card by Jan Carlson.  I am such a HUGE fan of the Big Shot so when I saw this card made from a top note die cut, I had to make it.  Actually, you use half of a top note die cut and you cut that half in half.  Use a circle punch and an oval punch to form the top of the Elf's shoe and you are good to go!!  I think the dry embossed snowflakes in the background are a nice addition to the design - of course, I did that with the Big Shot too.  Crystal Effects keep the white poms on the tips of the shoes.  Cute, huh?

Yawza!!!! What an offer!!!

What do you call it when you get over $310 in crafting and business supplies for only $87.50?

You can call it an amazing deal, but Stampin' Up! is calling it an amazing opportunity!

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Demonstrator Starter Kit for 50% off!
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contact information:  Peggy  410-256-6772  david.outen@verizon.net or use the password stampeg08 on my stampin up website

I'd love to have you join me in this fun adventure!  Remember to sign up beginning Nov 15th


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Holiday/Xmas Card Stamp a Stack, Part three card 3

Hi all
This card has a lovely elegance - I tweaked the design from a card by Lori Spendlove.

This is another example of a faux layer.  The red strip on the left side is the little piece left over after you punch out the scallop border.  I glued the strip on the left edge and layered the punched part under the right side of the DSP.  Looks like two layers but it is really just one - saves weight on your card and maybe saves you postage too.
Hope you like it!!!!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Holiday/Xmas Card Stamp a Stack, Part three card 2

Hi all
The ladies were hesitant when they attempted this card because they thought it might be hard to match the ornaments and the strings but every one did a great job!

I think the rich DSP (retired, but very similar to a current DSP) and the jewels (rhinestone, pearl and black rhinestone) really gave this card a special bling.  Thanks to Brenda Hugar for this great design.

Let me take a minute to remind yo'al that the there is a Longaberger/Vera Bradley bingo this Friday night (12th) to benefit the Perry Hall High School Marching Band.  Tickets are $15 in advance or $17 at the door - contact me to get your tickets.    This is a wonderful cause - I hope you will consider supporting the band.  I have sponsored a bag and filled it with Stampin' UP! goodies...maybe you will win!!

Also this Friday, the Perry Hall High School senior class is collecting used clothing which will be taken to needy countries.  The senior class will earn a small amount of money per pound of clothing which will be used to support the after prom party.  This is an important event to me because I dread hearing that some high school senior got hurt in an auto accident while driving around after prom.  Help us keep our kids in a fun and safe environment after prom.  Note:  the post prom event  is open to all seniors - even if they choose not to go to prom.  Call me for details about the clothing collection. 

Monday, November 8, 2010

Holiday/Xmas Card Stamp a Stack, Part three card 1

Hi all
Well yesterday's class was a fun one.  Lots of chatter and lots of stampin!  Welcome, again, to the three ladies who joined us for the first time (HI Betty, Laura and Logan!!) ..hope they will come again soon!!  We were happy to see Kitty join us again too!

Here is the first card we made - this was a stamp a stack, so each lady did four of each card.
This card was tweaked from Lisa Freeman's card
Colors include Crumb Cake, Chocolate Chip, and Riding Hood Red.  This is a great card to make when you need to send LOTS of cards because you stamp all the dasher's in a single color. You can quickly die cut the scallop squares and  precut the ribbon so you are ready to go!!
Come back each day this week to see another sample from this class.  Remember to check out my website (peggyouten.stampinup.net) for info about other classes ...I have one set up for each week into December. Join us for some fun!!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

I'm late, but look anyway..ok?

Hi all
I had this idea several weeks ago but I have been crazy busy lately and didn't get a chance to play with it until tonight.  This is the first time I have stamped Tess but I felt she needed a Halloween costume.  Where would I get a costume?  Ah ha!!  of course!! the owl punch!!!  Only had to trim off the ears and VIOLA!  The M & M peanut guy!!!  She had to carry a bag for her treats so I wrote "Trick or Stamps" on her tote bag.  I think she would look adorable on a Halloween treat for a stampin friend!!  Hope it make you smile!!!  Stay tuned...I hope to post the cards from my Stamp a stack on Sunday night or Monday.  They are great cards!!


Saturday, October 30, 2010

Here's a Halloween treat for you!! Boo!

Hi all
Hope everyone is eagerly anticipating the arrival of little ghosts and goblins.  Tonight I took a little break from my progress report writing for school to make a little treat for you.  I used some of my favorite tools...punches!!  Of course, you can see I used the owl in silhouette against the creseant moon which I made using two circle punches.  He is sitting on a branch from the bird punch and of course, there had to be a bat - it's halloween!!!  The blue oval was in my "didn't use but couldn't throw away" pile and seemed to be an apt background.  I dirtied it up a bit by sponging with gray ink and ta-da.....a treat!!
whoops!!  Forgot to tell you about the treat!!  I belong to an online group that did a bulk buy for these great treat bags.  Candy corn was the "of course!!" treat to put inside.!!  Hope this inspires you to whip out a few punches and see what you can come up with!!
Boo to you!!! ...may all your dreams be chocolate!!
Before I return to my report writing, let me mention that the Stamp a stack class for next Sunday at 2pm is almost full..I only have two seats left so if you want to attend, get in touch with me PDQ!!!  5 designs, 4 of each design for $25.  You have to register by Sunday night.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Hi all
Well here I am again with yet another band story.  Tonight was our marching band "Tail-gator-ing" event.
This is an event that started several years ago when we attended a band competition late in the season in Hershey, PA.  It was a long cold day and we chose to make hot dogs and soup for the kids.  The gal in charge of the soup made Maryland Crab Soup - we were the hit of the event because we had so much delicious soup that we shared it with every shivering band that came by.  It was a great time of friendship - I worked my stampin in that day by sharing "We 'tail-gatored' with the PHHS band" buttons that had a swing away feature and under the swing away it said "Making friends through music".  We haven't done the Hershey event in more recent years but we never let go of our love for the celebration.  We have been doing the event at halloween so we now call it "Halloween-gate".  The son of our "soup" friend graduated last year and the mom bequeathed me her recipe so I took over the cook role.  Tonight I made 5 gallons of Maryland Crab soup outside in a turkey fryer pot.  It was a huge hit, with some kids (and adults) coming back for seconds and thirds.  Funny thing is, although I was born and raised in Maryland, this is the first time I made this soup.  But it won't be the last!!!  Of course, next time I hope the quantity will be smaller!  Now my back and feet are wondering what the heck I did to them.  After I threw together the soup, I left my friend in charge of stirring and I ran into the Band room and directed my helpers to divy out candy to 90 bags I had rolled with two halloween wheels.  More bending over - maybe that is what irritated my back!!  As usual, we started with a limited amount of candy but eventually we had lots more dropped off by the parents.  Each of the kids got to take a mixed bag home with them after we all enjoyed our "Clue" (our show theme this year) cake.  Great event!!  I have scrubbed the huge pot (thanks Tina for sharing it with us) and now I want to flop in bed.  G'night!!
By the way, I will be putting in an order this weekend - if you want to take advantage of the christmas bundles and save a bit on shipping, connect with me by Friday and I'll add your order to mine.
Two new folks have joined my blog followers but I cannot tell who they are so here is a generic welcome!! Thanks for joining us...I hope you will enjoy my projects as well as my ramblings.  Welcome!!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Thank you, gracious ladies!!

Tonight I want to give a quick shout out to the ladies who signed up for my class today.  After 10 days straight of mostly marching band activities, and some stampin activities, and even some parent of a high school senior activities, in addition to working each day, I found I was dropping off to sleep in my dinner most nights!!  Not good! Especially when I am facing writing a huge number of progress reports for work this week (end of the quarter).  The ladies were very understanding when I told them I needed to post pone the class....you gals are the best!!  Thank you, thank you.  I hope you will be with us on the rescheduled date in November.  Because I postponed the class, I was able to enjoy a church service, to watch the Raven's game (or, at least, the ending!!)  and  to go out to dinner for my birthday (which actually occurred during all those busy activities last weekend)!!  The waitress made a mistake on our order - to my advantage - so now I have yummy lunches for two days, too!!  I hope you gals will take good care of yourselves too and thanks again for your kindness and understanding. 
I have reworked my class schedule: 
11-7  Holiday Stamp a stack #3; 
11-14 Thank you and thanksgiving; 
11-21 Tags and gift card holders;
11-28 (This is gonna be great!)  Reusable Countdown to Christmas wall tin;
12-5   Holiday Stamp a stack #4.
Check out my SU website for the details and deadlines  peggyouten.stampinup.net


Hi all
Tonight I have been finishing up my little Halloween treats for the staff at my two schools (well over 100 treats). When you have to make that many, you have to keep it simple, and that is what I did.  This container is four candies deep.

Yep!! I used the owl punch (can you see that he is upside down?)  Then I cut the feet off each one.  I used a teardrop hand held punch to make eyes.  Next, I used the "happy halloween" stamp from the Teeny Tiny Wishes (115370, pg 157,  $36.95) stamp set (that set has sooo many great phrases!!  24 to be exact!) but the trick was the phrase was too wide for the ghost .....soooo  I only inked up the word "happy" and stamped all the ghosts.  Then I cleaned the stamp and inked up only the word "halloween" and stamped it on each ghost. Added a bit of adhesive and stuck a chocolate candy on the back (nuggets and mini bars).  It isn't a huge treat of course, but who doesn't enjoy an unexpected little chocolate.  I love the many ways this owl punch can be used.
Have you contacted me yet to sign up for the next Christmas stamp a stack class scheduled for Nov 7th?  Remember you need to pre-register and pre-pay for that class by October 31st because of all the supplies I need to prep for you  to make the 20 cards!!
Also, check out the current bundle sale information I posted earlier this week.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Pictured Sale items

These are the items that are part of the current bundle sale.  You can contact me to place your order or order them directly through my Stampin'Up! website, peggyouten.stampinup.net

ScreenHunter_01 Oct. 17 15.01

Vintage Christmas Bundle #124067 wood $23.92
Vintage Christmas Bundle #124068 clear $19.92

ScreenHunter_02 Oct. 17 15.02
Contempo Christmas Card Bundle #124071 wood $20.72
Contempo Christmas Card Bundle #124072 clear $17.52

ScreenHunter_03 Oct. 17 15.03
Tags Til Christmas Bundle #124077 wood $38.32
Tags Til Christmas Bundle #124078 clear $31.92

ScreenHunter_04 Oct. 17 15.04
Gift Packaging Bundle #124083 wood $26.32
Gift Packaging Bundle #124084 clear $19.92


ScreenHunter_05 Oct. 17 15.05
Simply Adorned Gift Bundle #124076 $39.88

ScreenHunter_06 Oct. 17 15.06
Frame Gift Bundle #124075 $19.92

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Amazing, Beautiful and Cherished gift deal!!!

From October 19th- Dec 16th, save 20% on these Christmas bundle deals!

Create Amazing cards, Beautiful packaging, and Cherished gifts this holiday season!

Vintage Christmas Card Bundle
Bells & Boughs Set and Deck the Halls Designer Series Paper
124067; $23.92
124068; $19.92
Contempo Christmas Card Bundle
Contempo Christmas Set and Jolly Holiday Designer Series Paper
124071; $20.72
124072; $17.52
Tags til Christmas Bundle
Tags til Christmas Set and Decorative Label Punch
124077; $38.32
124078; $31.92
Gift Packaging Bundle
Gifted Set and Mini Lunch Sacks
124083; $26.32
124084; $19.92
Simply Adorned Gift Bundle
Charming Set, Simply Adorned 1" x 1-1/4" Charm, and Simply Adorned 24" Chain
124076; $39.88
Frame Gift Bundle
Definitely Decorative Chunky Frame and Small Chocolate Chip Dotted Flourish D├ęcor Elements
124075; $19.92

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Holiday/Christmas Card Stamp a Stack, Part two, project 5

Hi all
Have to admit, this simple little card is my favorite card from the Stamp a Stack, part 2.  Can you tell that this is a spinner card?  You wind up the scalloped oval,  which is suspended on stretch magic plastic thread, then close the card. When you open the card, the oval spins, alternately showing the Santa and the date.  The Santa's hat is glittered to match the glittered stripe in the DSP.
Let me pass on a tip...I had a big OOPS! while I was designing this card....I dropped the ENTIRE jar of glitter on my rug!  AAAUUUGGGGHHH!!!!   So frustrating!!!  So I took a tissue (like you use for your nose) and covered the end of the hose on my mini vacuum cleaner.  I pressed the tissue into the end of the nozzle a bit and then sucked up all the glitter (repeated several times to get it all) and kept the vacuum on until I got the nozzle over the powder pal tray. Then I turned off the vacuum and tapped the end of the nozzle on the tray and the glitter dropped out of the tissue onto the tray.  I got back most of the glitter.  Whoo hoo!!!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Holiday/Christmas Card Stamp a Stack, Part two, project 4

Hi all
This style card is not one I usually go for, but when I am planning my classes, I know that others are not so squimish about coloring. Different strokes for different folks.  After I made the card, I found I truly had enjoyed taking the time to color with colored pencils.  These pencils are a great strategy when you are making your cards on the fly - you can easily stick them in a pencil tin and color during those "waiting" times that can be so annoying when you feel rushed and don't want to waste time.  Before you know it, your are done your cards and your blood pressure is still  in the normal range!!  This DSP is actually retired but is similar to DSP in the current collection.  Yep!!! I used that new punch again...told you yesterday it holds bigger images so nicely.Post Options