Wednesday, March 31, 2010

mechanical treat cup card

Hi stampers!
Today I was blog hopping and visited the blog of Stasia Sloma - I love her work and visit her site full of wonderful work often  (she looks so young!!).  She had a cute little card using the hot air balloon and the round treat cup on her site today.  She showed how she closed up the back of her container and I liked her idea but then bam! I had a new idea I had not tried before with these cups.  See what i did below.
 Look inside the empty cup and you will see that there are different images inside there.
In the view above, you can see that the window is an open hole.  Each of these images/blank is stamped on or cut out of a circle.  If you move the circle/wheel (see the arrow on the right side), you can see the images/opening.  On the inside of the card you see the blank backside of the wheel (see below).
Here is a picture taken from inside the card that shows the wheel positioned so you can get the candy out of the cup.
The picture on the right shows the closed card with the candy inside.  I love mechanical cards and it was fun to figure out how to do this.  I have seen many clever ways to keep the candy inside the card but I think this is my favorite way.
Before I hit the hay, I MUST remind you that TODAY.....WEDNESDAY.....MARCH 31 is the LAST day of SALEBRATION... call me quickly  to place your order and if the subtotal is $50 or more, you get a free gift !!!!!!!!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Another project for the ladies!!

Hi all
Isn't this a great card?  I designed it to show the senior center ladies various coloring techniques ...some of the ladies used watercolor crayons and an aquapainter to color their image.  Some used an aquapainter and a stamp pad.  Some used colored pencils.  Some used markers.  In fact, we even used two different strategies to stamp the main image - some used Black Stazon ink, and some used versamark ink and black embossing powder...I almost left my heat gun on the table at the end of the session!  Luckily I spotted it as I headed out the door.  I would have been sad to be without my heat gun.  I use it often!!  When we were all finished the project, the ladies signed the back of the cards(of course!!) and then we passed the cards around the circle so each lady could see how beautifully unique each card was.  That was fun! 
This is one of those cards that can easily be done in stages.  If you stamp a stack of the herbs, you can take them with you as you wait in the doctors office or wait for the subway.  Hmmmmm...I think I will make a few to take with me when I go to pick John up at school.  What is the chance the coach bus will actually arrive on time!  I will be less antsy if I keep myself busy coloring my images.  Great idea!  Think I will go do that right now!!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Stampin with the ladies!

Hi all
Sorry I haven't been posting the last couple of got busy!!!  It happens!!!  My son dashed off to Florida by coach bus on Thursday with his school bands and chorus, and is returning home tomorrow.  I am proud to say that his group won the top honors!!!  I was so surprised when I heard that because when I asked John how they had performed (before he knew they had won) he texted that "we could have done better!"  Apparently they did well enough!! 
Friday night I was prepping for a demonstration I did on Saturday.  The card (above) is one of the projects the ladies made.   These ladies have been scrapbooking and, I'm told, they have made cards using, primarily, stickers.  One of the ladies in the group contacted me and asked that I introduce the ladies to stampin'.  They are an active group of senior citizens who live at a new special housing site (the room where we met was lovely and sunny!!!) that is coincidentally, right behind a school where I formerly worked for 13 years.  The neighborhood has been refurbished and looks fabulous!!!  It was fun to revisit this neighborhood that had a tired look back in the years when I worked there.  It was a World War II community and needed, and deserved, the efforts that have been put in there.  I really appreciate the opportunity to see the progress there. 
And the ladies were great!  They jumped right in and tried everything I threw at them in spite of stiff joints and other physical limitations.  Their spirit is strong so they willingly accepted the challenges I tossed at them.  What fun! I couldn't decide if I was using my stampin' talents or my talents as an occupational therapist!  You know OT's believe that activity is restorative!   I hope to have the opportunity to revisit this lively group. 
Did I mention the lovely lunch they served?  I especially loved the fresh greens and strawberries.  Lovely colors and de-lish!!  I was lucky enough to be there when they celebrated Laura's birthday (can I say the number?  It wasn't so high).  Laura is not a resident there, but her mother in law is, and Laura is one of the two ladies who encourages and supports the group activity.  Although it was her birthday, I was the one who got the gift...Laura informed me she had decided to join my group of demos.  She is my latest recruit!!  Whoo hoo! Welcome, Laura!!  I hope you will get to meet my other gals soon...right now my most recent recruit is in Florida, but we will put something together once she returns home. 
Today I had hoped to do some stamping for the blog tour I am participating in later in April but my husband started asking me for tax filing info and I got totally distracted by that.  I hope tomorrow will be a play day.  Luckily we are now on spring break so I should have a couple of free hours AFTER I lunch with old friends from the school I mentioned earlier.  I love to reconnect with old friends. 
Would love to hear what is going on in your life.   If you haven't considered placing a Saleabration order...get busy!!!  Saleabration (SAB) ends on Wednesday!!!!  For each $50 (subtotal) you spend, you get to choose a FREE gift.  The lovely punch I used to make the edge on the card above is one of the free gifts available know that punch would cost 15.95 if it were in the current catalog.  If you earn that punch, it is like getting better than a 30 % discount - remember you get the free item and pay no shipping or tax on the gift.  I hope you will give yourself a spring treat ..or tell your loved ones to contact me to purchase a Easter treat for you.  Contact me soon!!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

funny bunny ...aka milk carton

Hi all
I have another Easter project for you ...this cute little bunny is made from the mini milk carton die cut and some punches.  I saw a similar project on Krista's (aka angelstar) blog and decided to make my own version ...Oh no!!  I just realized I never glued the tail on!!!!...ok.  I'm back.  Tail is in place now.  Anyway, I used several punches ..heart (lg and small), wide oval, large oval, circle.   Highlighted the eyes with a white gel pen, and drew on the whiskers with a black marker.  Free hand cut the teeth. I slipped a paper clip in to catch the folded parts in the opening so the treats are accessible without ruining the bunny!  Too cute!
I plan on relaxing my way through next week, when schools are closed, by stamping.  If you would like to come stamp with me, just give me a to have you here to play.  If you'd like to gather a few friends, I can do a class for you.... day or evening.
Remember, we are on the last week of SAB when you can earn a free gift (stamp set, punch or DSP) for each $50 you spend.  Also NOW is a fabulous time to join Stampin' Up! with me - whether you want to be a hobby demo who enjoys a discount of at least 20% on all your SU purchases, or you want to try your hand at the business of being a SU demo.  Now when you join the kit is on sale and you earn an extra free stamp set.  Some folks, like me, stay in SU for the long haul (my 13th SU anniversay is this week!!) or you can make a little profit and quit..there are options to fit your needs or wants.  Call me ...we'll talk!!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Easter Beauty!

Hi all,
Absolutely, this was my favorite project from my Easter classes.  I saw a project by Mary Davidson which used this stamp set but when I started to make the project I started tweaking it here and there and this one ended up looking rather different.  I love the evolution of one idea from another!!
I was especially eager to use the border stamp from the Vintage Vogue set and I was really pleased at how it put the bird in a leafy context.  I am also pleased with the way the ribbon and the punched border echo the polka dot feature.  Isn't it pretty?  I hope you will take a minute to share your thoughts in the comments...just a little acknowledgement of what brings you back to my site each day!!

Monday, March 22, 2010

SU/Sizzix candy pouch

Hi  all
Here is another project from my Easter class.  This box is made from part of the Box #2 die.  It is small so it is perfect for small candy bars or, in this case, a little bag of candied sunflower seeds.   I seem to have misplaced the addy of the blog where I saw the pouch idea...but I am going to keep looking - it is here somewhere!!!

Friday, March 19, 2010

playin' with my big shot!!

What a fun project!!  I will never regret getting the Big Shot and my dies.  I love playin with them!!  Special projects!!  Would you like to come make an easter blossom some time soon?  Let me know as I will be shopping for some beautiful spring fabrics this weekend!!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patrick's Day treats!!

Top of the evening to ya!   Happy St. Patrick's Day.  I have quite a bit of Irish in my background and so I do enjoy St. Patrick's Day.  I recently read a blog post somewhere where the lady talked about how she likes St Pat's day because there is no gift giving involved.  No hassles to spend a ton of money and make sure you attend to eveyone on a list.  Just a day of fun!  Now some folks drink green beer but I am not much for beer (unless there is a huge pile of steamed hard crabs next to it!) so I go for sweet treats instead.  I made about 125 of these little treats for my coworkers.  Have to admit that the word stamp is not Stampin' Up! - I found this one several years ago but I'm not even sure where I got it.  I cut cardstock in strips and punched slits in either end of the strip then wove the Reception stick in and out of the slits.  Viola'  yummy and cheering.  Of course I could have used Pixie Stixs or licorice sticks but the Reception sticks are so pretty (and so hard to find!)  Hope you had a laugh or two today!

I would love to have you join us at my stampin session this Sunday.  It is a fee based class and you are not required to make any other purchase.  You can see most of the projects on my recent  blog posts - if any of them look intimidating, please don't let that keep you from joining us...we are a very friendly and helpful bunch of stampers.  We will get everyone through the tasks as we share some friendly chatter.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Tricky tricky tricky!!!!

Hi all
This is one of those projects you just have to try when you find out how it was made!!!  Very cool!!  Imagine your Easter table or a table at a  ladies tea decorated with these little lights!!  Hey, Terry - you might want to try this idea for your next church tea!!   Neat!  The thing on the right?  That is a decorated pack of matches, of course!!  Come join us on Sunday and find out how cool this little project really is - I love the way the DSP that is wrapped around the candle, reflects off the metal flower.  Love it...don't you?


Monday, March 15, 2010

Easter embrace life card

Hi all
I've been playing in my pink and chocolate again!!  I kinda started out with a template that has been popping up on lots of groups and here is what I came up with.  I used the watercolor crayons on the flower but it isn't showing up very well in the picture.  Hope you like it!!  We will be making this card on Sunday ...hope you can join us!!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Treats ...treats ...treats!!!!

I love making treats!!  For this project I used the bitty box die cut, a heart treat cup, one of the two tags die cuts and some punches.  I found the carrot, bunny, and egg candies from Wilton and thought they were such fun!  Inside the box I have a York peppermint patty - love those!!   When you pull up the tag with the ears on it, the candies are released.  Yep!  we will make this project on Sunday also.  Do you like it?  Leave me a comment!!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Easter card

Hi all...this card was inspired by one that is so different from what you are seeing, that if you saw it, you would seriously wonder what is wrong with my thinking!  I worry myself sometimes! ha!  But I like the way it turned out ...and I enjoyed making it.  First I created a template of squares so that I could use it to stamp each of the circles/oval in proper alignment to one another.  I especially enjoyed stamping the edge on the bottom front of the card and then using the scallop border punch to cut out the scallop design - fast!  Can you tell that I used crystal effects and a reinker to color the inside of the hardware slide?  Fun!  We will be making this card at class on Sunday.


Thursday, March 11, 2010

Thank you for your Stampin' Up! online order

Hi all!  Only had a little time to stamp tonight as I spent part of the evening watching my son perform with the Symphonic Winds at the county band adjudication.  He was terrific!  The project I started tonight is still drying - I used crystal effects and reinker to jazz up my project.  I hope to show it to you tomorrow.  In the meantime, I thought I would share this little idea with you..this is the card I recently sent to the ladies who placed an online order when I was offering free shipping.  Because I could not give free shipping to online orders, I offered a "treat" instead - this little bunch of buttons should be a fun embellishishmnet for my ladies stampin projects!!  I sure hope you gals have fun with them!! I'd love to see what you come up with.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Easter favorite!

Hi all!!!  Is there anything better at easter than a big chocolate bunny?


Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Another set of mini cards and mini tin

Here is another set of cards from Sunday's stampin session.  Thanks to those who let me snap a photo of your work.  The birds and the butterflies were definitely popular with all of us.   So nice!!
Remember, whether you have a full sheet of DSP  or smaller "lefto"vers, they can always be used to make these lovely notes, either as a layer or as an embellishment.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Mini card and lunch tin cards

Hi all 
Thought you all might enjoy seeing the baker's dozen cards and mini lunch tin that Emily made today at my stampin' session.  Everyone used the same base pacific blue c/s for the cards and a variety of DSP samples for layering, but the gals were given free reign to decorate their card fronts from there using various die cuts and punches.  I just realized that I didn't get a picture of Emily's scallop envelopes.  Oops!  
I took a picture of  one more set of cards before the gals left and I will share those tomorrow. 
Sorry gals, I did forget to check to see if ALL the cards would fit in the tin at the same time ...and we found out at the end of the session that they did not.  But at least they will be able to refill the tin once they have used up the ones that fit.  I use my mini cards VERY FREQUENTLY to say happy birthday and thank you to my coworkers.  Very handy!!!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

helping my son...

Hi all

Those of you who know me well,  know that I have spent a huge amount of time over the last three years helping my son by being a Band Booster volunteer.  My main responsibility has been selling momento wooden roses at the concerts, but our group has a huge event coming up in April and I want to alert you to this fun occasion and ask that you to please consider attending.

On Friday, April 9 the Perry Hall Band Boosters are holding a Vera Bradley (trademark) Purse Bingo at the Tall Cedars of Lebanon Hall at 2501 Putty Hill Avenue in Parkville.  The doors open at 6:00 PM and the games begin at 7:00.  Tickets are $15 each.  This fun event includes raffles, food, and door prizes. I am sponsoring a Stampin' Up! bag....and filling it with stampin goodies, too!!   Wouldn't you like to come win that!! Please join us for a evening of fun with your friends.  Contact me to obtain the tickets.

We are also looking for groups or individuals to sponsor the bags.  Do you know a generous person or business who could help us?  Sponsoring businesses will get their names in the program that will be given to all those who attend.

Thanks for helping the Perry Hall Band Boosters.  Go Gators!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Have you ever thought about becoming a Stampin' Up! demonstrator? 

Whether you want to take advantage of the discount for your own personal purchases of our wonderful products or you are looking for a fun way to have additional income to help out your family finances, now is the time to join Stampin' Up! with me.  Right now, you can get the demonstrator starter kit for 15% off the usual price! You can choose between the standard starter kit OR the digital kit and you still get 15% off! Add to that the (at least) 20% you make off every sale from then on, and you've got great way to make extra money in today's economy. Contact me with questions.

If you ARE a Stampin' Up! Demonstrator already, why not join the Late Night Stampers group for pre-convention events in July:  Plan to attend Stampin Up Convention 2010 with me on July 21-24, 2010.

The Late Night Stampers (an online group of Stampin' Up1 demos) offers optional events at convention that start Monday July 19th and end on Saturday July 24th with Patsy's WOW event after convention is over.     $180 gives you the "I want it all package" or you can pick from the events below.  After you have signed up with Stampin' Up! through me, then you send your payment  for these speical events to using pay pal
or mail a check to
Sherrill Graff
605 Kendrick Place
Boulder City NV 89005
if you are sending a check e-mail me and let me know so I can hold your spot.

Monday July 19th will be a 8:30 AM stamp camp 8 great projects $90 OPEN
we supply everything except adhesive.  Monday Stamp Camp projects are the same on both days

Monday 2 PM shoe box swap $35 OPEN   please bring a project to share with 6 people and a finished project to enter into the contest

Monday Night 7 PM WOWevent by Tami $10 OPEN   bring your camera and a note pad; the WOW demonstrations are different on both days.   all at the Radisson

Tuesday July 20th will be a 8:30 AM stamp camp 8 great projects $90 OPEN
followed by a Tuesday 2 PM shoe box swap $35 OPEN
please bring a project to share with 6 people and a finished project to enter into the contest
Then the Tuesday Night 7 PMReunion party 3 fun projects $35 OPEN
we supply everything except adhesive all at the Radisson

Wednesday July 21 Anything New Swap 75+1 at the Radisson behind Convention on sign in day

Wednesday Sign In Day 2pm-4pm Shoe Box Swap Hosted by Mary and Brenda $35 OPEN
please bring a project to share with 6 people and a finished project to enter into the contest
at the Radisson
Saturday July 24th 6 PM WOWevent by Patsy $10 OPEN   bring your camera and a note pad
at the Radisson    the WOW demonstrations are different on both days.

All events have prizes and give-a-ways.


Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Upcoming Stampin session

Hi Snowbound Stampers!         Let's get together for fun!!!

I will be hostessing a stampin session on Sunday, March 7th at 2PM 

We will be making a collection of quickie mini notecards and envelopes using the die cut scallop flap envelope.   The cards will go into a mini lunch tin which we will also embellish.  I have one of these finished tins on each of my desks at work to hold mini notecards for my coworkers.  Although they are small, they are getting a huge response from the folks I have given them to.  After all, we all enjoy being remembered on our birthdays or when we have gone above and beyond in helping others.

Bring your snail and mini glue dot adhesives, scissors, and a bone folder. 

You must preregister by Friday night at 7PM.  Fee for the materials is $10 and must be paid in cash if you pay at the door.

This will be a relatively easy session, so if you have been hesitant to jump into classes, this is the one to try!!

Questions?   contact me!
-- Peggy

Monday, March 1, 2010

Big Shot Flower

Hi all
Recently, someone posted on one of my online groups that she wanted to make centerpieces for a church event and she wanted some suggestions.  I suggested she make the boxes I had done a while back with a flower on top. I thought she could hide a door prize inside the box.  She wanted a magnolia type flower and I had used the daisy die cuts but I was confident that she could mimic a magnolia with one of our dies.  She thanked me for my suggestion but said she had to make 25 of them and thought these would take too long.  That surprised me I decided to challenge myself to a timed assembly.  Believe it or not, I was able to choose cardstock, cut it to fit the die, run it through the Big Shot using the petals die, curl the petals, stack the layers, insert the button and add the leaves in 20 minutes!!!  Amazing, huh?  Now when you are doing multiple assemblies, it is best to do it assembly line style and that makes the whole thing go even faster.  You can do all the cutting quickly then curl and stack, finally adding the button.  I love my die cutting machine for all the great things you can make...quickly.  Love it.