Saturday, January 31, 2009

LOVE Love love class projects

Hi all,
Nana Rosche (my grandmother/my Dad's mother) used to insist that we count the silverware before guests(us) left her house. Although her silverware was only silverplate, she valued it so much that she feared someone would accidently toss a spoon or fork into the trash. She would lay the pieces out on the table and make sure none was missing before anyone (who could help her search if something was missing) went home. Huh? Why am I thinking about that? 'Cause late last night I was cleaning up after my first LOVE, Love, love stampin' session but I could not find one project - the covered chocolate bar. Uh oh! No model for the second session to work from! Well early this morning, one of my ladies called to fess up! She had taken her projects out of her bag to show her friends and discovered one too many chocolate bars - she had mine! When she called to tell me, all I could think of was "if I had counted the silverware (projects) I would have known one was missing before everyone left" - My sister, Mel, is gonna crack up over this story!! Nana has been gone a long, long time but her words come back to me - she didn't have any luxuries and she cherished what little valuables had. Bless her! Next time I have back to back classes, I'm going to count my silverware! ha!

So ANYWAY, here are the projects. A cute little chocolate candy holder water bottle tag(thanks Margaret Raburn), the covered chocolate bar (tweaked from a card by my upline, Sandy Hancock), a heart shaped card with a treat vial attached (inspired by a project from Mary Jo Price-Williams), an adolable cheese box blatantly copied from Jill Hilliard - the gals all LOVED this project!, a hard to see, but sweet bride and groom pair card which I understand was originally designed by Allison Barber - I saw it on Glena Calkins blog, and the Love (word) card which I tweaked after seeing something similar on the Stampin' Up! website. The two heart cards were roughly inspired by some projects I had seen somewhere - I'm not sure where.
Hope your enjoyed seeing the 8 projects we did...and if you are in the Perry Hall, Maryland area you will join us for a future stampin session.
Ta ta for now!

locket heart card

Hi all,
First I apologize for the light version of the picture and the odd color appearance - not sure what happened with my flash! This card is one of the projects my ladies made tonight (Friday) and will make tomorrow at my stampin sessions. I HAD to try the new eyelet punch - lovely!.. and easy to use, like the scallop edge punch. The heart is a Sizzix/non-SUP die cut using chipboard, versamark, heat and stick powder, heat gun and glitter. I really like it - and I am not usually a glitter user! I will post the whole group of projects tomorrow as soon as I recreate one of them - it got lost during the class. Some of my gals told me they are having trouble posting to my site - something about getting kicked out repeatedly. Again, I do not know why that would be but I do know that I have more success visiting blogs through Firefox and not using Internet Explorer. Maybe someone could try that and let me know if it works better. I'd love to hear from yo'al! Nighty Night

Thursday, January 29, 2009

CD Brag Book

Hi all! Well today was a physical day for me! That snow we had yesterday turned into ice, as expected - in part because of the freezing rain that fell all night- and my car was totally encased in ice this morning! uh oh! I might not have worried about it, since I don't usually venture out on snow days, but today was my physical therapy appointment day so I HAD to get out. What a wet mess - I went through 4 pairs of gloves - and one is still soaked even now - hours later. ! The ice outside was replaced by a very cold rain which was backing up in the gutter in front of my house. I knew if I left it form a pond there, tomorrow we would ice skate! So John and I got out there and shoveled, shoveled, shoveled. Ick! Cleared the walk and gutter, and broke loose the car! cheer! and flopped in exhaustion... then treked off to PT. What a workout! I had a bunch of fast food napkins in my coat pocket and hours later when I realized they were in there, I took them out - they had melded together in what seemed like a thick sponge - very wet! So tonight I am posting a project from the past. Sorry....I didn't create tonight because I was writing the directions for my stampin sessions on Friday and Saturday. This project was made using some now retired SUP DSP (Ginger Blossom?) and some CD cardboard cases I ordered a while back. I love these folders because you can easily attach one to another and have a multi-page book. The die cut scallop circles fit perfectly in the pockets to make a fun gift. The tag punch makes a nifty little handle to pull the scallop circles out. I wonder what weather we will be contending with tomorrow? Of course John is hoping for a delayed opening...again!
Sorry about the backwards order of my pics - I'm still trying to figure out how the goofy program decides which picture to show first!! Before I sign off, thanks to all the folks who have visited my blog (I love my counter because now I know you really ARE out there looking and listening.) But better still, post a comment!! Say Hi! - offer a suggestion! - ask a question! - be sociable!!
Nighty Night

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Lovey Dovey snowday

Hi all,
Today was a lazy day, except for the snow shoveling, car scraping, and progress report writing for school. Here in Baltimore, we get small amounts of snow that cause a big slowdown of activity - our little bit of snow likes to melt and refreeze repeatedly so you never know if you are dealing with wet pavement or ice. Way back in Jan, '95 I walked across my wet driveway only to suddenly find myself sliding down the driveway with a broken ankle. Needless to say, I have learned to respect our little bit of snow as the tricky devil it is. Tomorrow should be interesting, the second day of snow here is usually worse than the first ..more ice. Anyway, I made this little card after seeing something only remotely similar on Jill's website. Sometimes I wonder how my mind wanders from where it started. It will be part of the stampin sessions this weekend. Nighty Night


Monday, January 26, 2009

LOVE Love love chocolate!!!!!

Hi All!!

It has been said that I am a blabber mouth!! Guess it is so because here is another reveal of a project from the upcoming stampin session I am hostessing on Friday night and Saturday afternoon. You cannot see the best part: this is not a card - it is a fancy wrapper for a Large (4.4 oz) Hershey chocolate bar ...yum!!!! Of course, I used this basic layout before for a card (see Jan 5th). You have until Jan 27th to register for class!!

I saw the physical therapist today - she had treated me this time last year for my back pain. She was very impressed with how well I am so quickly after the surgery. Before, as soon as I TRIED to roll onto my stomach I would burst into tears ...NOT TODAY!!! Ain't it great to feel good!!! Gotta do my exercises!!! Nighty Night!!


Sunday, January 25, 2009

LOVE Love love valentine treat #2

Hi all!!!

I just had to show you this cute little treat card I made for my Friday and Saturday stampin sessions next weekend. If you look closely you will see that there is a 4" test tube filled with cinnamon candies under the words "Happy Valentine's Day". I had seen a similar project on Mary Jo Price-Williams blog and decided I wanted to tweak her design a bit so I could use my photo corner punch for the ends of the arrow. I did not have the pixie sticks she used for her arrow (my husband admitted that all pixie stix and red licorice sticks in the house have been eaten! guess who!) but realized that the test tubes I recently purchased might work well too. This was a fun project! Hope my stampers enjoy it at our stampin session..there is still room if you'd like to join us in Perry Hall.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Love love love sample #1

Hi All!! Tonight I wanted to share with you one of the projects we will be making at my stampin sessions on Friday, January 30 and Saturday, January 31. This is a simple little card that has a bit of pizzazz in the glitter on the lettters. Remember that you need to register by Tuesday, Jan 27th if you plan on attending. I hope to post a few more of the projects over the next few days but you know I will save the very best projects as a surprise for those attending the class. Hope you will consider joining us!!

Friday, January 23, 2009

FREE Stampin' Up! catalog offer and SAB free treats!

Hi All!! How about this great news!!! From February 1-April 30, 2009, Stampin' Up! is introducing customers to Stampin' Up! by promoting our award-winning Idea Book & Catalog. To receive a free Spring-Summer 2009 Idea Book & Catalog, customers must place an online order during the promotional period through my demonstrator business web site. There is no minimum order amount required, so anyone can take advantage of this offer. Please note that the minimum shipping is $6.95. My website addy is Mark your calendar for Super Bowl Sunday and place your online order to get your free catalog. You can view the catalog on line until you new catalog arrives. You can earn additional free catalogs for your friends with additional online orders. TAKE NOTE: February 1st is the first day of Sellabration also - so when you place that online order through my website, if your subtotal is $50 or more, you will earn one free reward for each $50 you spent (I said reward because this year the SAB rewards include stamp sets, ribbons and designer paper - you choose your favorite!).


Thursday, January 22, 2009

No stampin nods

Hi all!!
Well I guess I do not have the stamina I thought I had as I have been totally beat each day since I have returned to work after my surgery. Tonight was the worst! I decided to take it easy and watch some of my favorite shows tonight. Unfortunately, we are having "issues" with our cable service. The TV in the family room is so "snowy" that the picture is almost impossible to see(reminds me of when I was a kid). It is made worse by the fact that the color comes and goes. Sooo even though I was tired, I decided to go down to my stampin room and watch my little TV down there. OMG! the picture on that TV was flipping constantly, it was giving me a quesy stomach so I tried to listen without watching. Whoops - closing my eyes made me nod off! Finally I went up to my bedroom - the tv there was not so snowy, no flipping either but since I was laying down, I nodded off again. I am so old tonight!! sorry - no project tonight! A new stamp set is supposed to come tomorrow so I will try to whip up a little something for tomorrow night. Maybe by then the cable guy will be back with the new cable which is supposed to clear up our issues. Let me know what kinds of projects you would like to see?

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Back to work/my sale items

Hi all,
After being home for 10 days for winter break and then two more weeks for post surgery recovery, I finally went back to work today. Lucky for me, we had a two hour delay due to ice (and I suspect the huge amount of traffic pouring out of Baltimore toward DC today was also a factor in that decision) so my first day back was a partial day - good thing! because I was beat when I got home. I have no new stamp projects made today so I thought I would post the list of just retired items I have for sale. Contact me if you are interested in purchasing any of them...prices do not include shipping charges; if you purchase 4 sets, the 5th one is free (least expensive of the five). I also have lots of sets from previous catalogs..let me know if there is a particular set you are searching for.
Haunting Halloween usu 18.95 + S&H + tx - my price 16.50
Crab and Company usu 27.95+ S&H + tx -my price 24.50
Calendar Cues usu 10.95+ S&H + tx - my price 9.50
Happiness usu 17.95 + S&H + tx - my price 16
Everyday Flexible Phrases 41.95+ S&H + tx - my price 36.50
Wonderful Words 20.95 + S&H + tx - my price 18
Deer Friends hostess my price 20
Live like you mean it hostess my price 12
Occasions Collection hostess my price 20
Punches three hostess my price 12
A Tree for all seasons usu 12.95+ S&H + tx - my price 11
Summer by the Sea usu 28.95 + S&H + tx - my price 25
Sweet Stars Jumbo wheel usu 8.50 + S&H + tx - my price 7.50
Bright Bulbs usu 6.50 + S&H + tx - my price 5.50
Sandy shells usu 6.50 + S&H + tx - my price 5.50
Snowflake usu 6.50 + S&H + tx - my price 5.50
Nighty Night

Monday, January 19, 2009

Hi all!!
Okay, the long lost fourth card is found! I still used retired c/s and ribbon from last year and the retiring Take Three stamp and (not retiring)Define Your Life. This card also used the spiral punch and the photo corner punch.
The other picture shows all of the ten projects the gals made at class on and four cards at the bottom, other five cards at top.

I did manage to make some Pooh cards today to send as thank you's to my students for holiday gifts BUT I forgot to take a picture...sheesh! Today I got my release to return to work tomorrow. I think I will actually be glad to be back to work to take my mind off my friend's stroke. Of course, if we get a delayed opening because of the "black ice" we had today, I won't complain!
Well, It is a school night - gotta hit the hay! Nighty Night

Hi all,
Happy Pooh Day!!!
I am a huge Winnie the Pooh fan but must admit, I didn't stamp a Pooh project for today. I even have a few of my many Pooh stamps out on my work table ...untouched!!
Well, I promised to show you the cards I had made to go in my nifty little scallop envelope box but as I sit here at 1:30 AM I realize that, somewhere between downstairs and here, I lost one picture. Hope you can be patient and wait until tomorrow to see that one because I do not think I can face going back down, rebooting the computer, and copying the picture again tonight.
The cards used the Take Three retiring stamp set and the Live Your Dream (whoops -is that the right name?) definition set. I used lots of retired c/s and ribbons and feel really good about using up some retired things I had cluttering up my space. Let's face it - you could use any colors! The card in blues used the wide oval punch and the retired layer ease, and the card with the guava c/s used the scallop die cut. I used the cropadile to punch the holes in each scallop. Hope that is enough for tonight = between church, lunch out, grocery shopping, hostessing a stampin class (what a great group of ladies I had today!) and then the Ravens losing (waaa!) I am beat. Think of me tomorrow as I go for my followup visit with the surgeon - I'm hoping he will release me so I can go back to work. Nighty night! Don't forget to write (a comment!) if you cannot get it to work you can always email me your comment and I will post it for you!!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Onsie Baby Brag Book

Hi All
Tonight I am posting a project from a while back - between keeping contact with my friends and coworkers about my friends recovery from her strokes and preparing my room for my stampin session which will be held on Sunday afternoon, I did not have time to create a new project. This little cutie is a brag book I created after I bought my Bind It All machine. The Onsie was made by adhering SU paper (from way way back) to chipboard and then die cutting it with a Sizzix long onsie die and my Big Kick/Big Shot machine. If you look closely, you will see that I used several different SU punches to create various neckline embellishments for each page. This was a really fun project and is a great gift for a baby shower. I work in two different schools and often get invited to showers for folks I don't know very well. This gift has always been well received because the book is small enough for the mom to tote in her briefcase to share with coworkers. Grandma's have been keen on them too.
I have had some requests for directions on how to make the box I posted yesterday. I am planning on getting my husband to set up his new digital camera to see if I can make - and post - a video - another CHALLENGE!!!! for me.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Scallop Envelope card box for 3x 6 cards

Hi all!! I am kinda excited about this little project that I created tonight for my stampin' class on Sunday. I wanted to have the gals do a set of 3 x 6 cards but obviously they need to be able to store them in something lovely ....soooo I created this nifty box (well, I think it is nifty!) It is made using four of Stampin' Up!'s scallop envelop die cuts.
Now you may be looking at this saying --not current colors!! Correct! This class is all about things retired or retiring and in the case of this project, the materials are all retired as well as most of the stamps (not define your life, of course). I used vintage violet ribbon, soft sky DSP and river rock c/s.

The four cards are also using soft sky c/s - even some wild wasabi, purely pomegranate and groovy guava c/s and ribbons too. I still had (have) these materials and they were so great I thought it would be fun to enjoy them again. I have just given you a peak at the cards but will be able to post clearer pictures after the class on Sunday. Well, come to think of it - I will probably post after the Ravens beat the Steelers!!

If you are interested in getting the details of how I made the box leave me a comment or send me an email at

Thursday, January 15, 2009

cupcake slider

This was a fun card to make as a gift certificate for one of my customers. I used the large cupcake stamp but stamped on the back of designer paper and then cut each part out. The icing on the cupcake is outlined with stickles for a bit of shimmer. The banner is a sizzix die cut.
When you pull the top and bottom apart there is a piece in the center for the message or, in this case, the gift certificate. Would love to show you and your friends how to make this card - now is a great time to schedule a February Sellabration party. Call or e-me.

To those who have asked - my friend is not doing well - she had additional problems today and had to be moved to a different hospital in pursuit of a specialized treatment. Your prayers are greatly appreciated.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Read a Good Book

Hi all - Today has been a tough day - I got an early morning call that my dear sweet friend - the lady I made the table runners for (see Jan 8th post) - was hospitalized last night. Her family has not contacted me again since this morning and I have been worried all day about her status. They asked that she not be called directly because of some of the problems she is having with expressive communication. Please pray for them if you are so inclined. thank you.
I actually did get some stampin in tonight after a Band Boosters meeting but the projects were ones for my stampin session on Sunday and I do not want to post all of the projects ahead of time - gotta have some surprises for the stampers! I thought tonight I would share with you my reaction to a wonderful book I got it from the public library and read in just a few days. It was very compelling for me. The book is called Journal for Jordan - I believe the author is Canady. It is written by a woman, to her son, about the child's father. It is a true story and the mom is a journalist by profession so it reads well. Intermingled with the mom's story of how she met and loved the father, is excerpts from a journal the father wrote to his son while he was serving in the Middle East. It is NOT giving away any part of the meat of the book to tell you the father died while serving in the Middle East and had only had one short leave with the child. It is a beautiful story I stumbled on but I highly recommend it. You will not be disappointed. I'd love to hear your thoughts about the book after you have read it.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Wishing you cheer

Hi all!
Sorry I didn't post on Sunday. My younger son was confirmed at Chruch and so we had a busy day and evening. I expected to be stampin earlier today (Monday) but first I was trying to get some work things organized that have come up while I have been on medical leave. Then (yippie skippie!!), my new Stampin' Up! catalogs arrived and the day was lost to pouring over the catalog. Wonderful stuff! I am so glad I started looking from the back to the front because a lot of what I want is from the accessories section at the back - especially the dies for the Big Shot! Very cool!! Here is another card we will be making at my stampin session on Sunday, Januard 18th. Don't forget you must preregister and when you do I will tell you about the special offer I am making to those who attend the class. Details are on my Stampin' Up! website. Peggy

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Fabulous flowers

First, I want to do a shout out for the Ravens! Whoo hoo!
What a game!!

Tonight I am sharing another card from my upcoming retired/retiring stampin session which will be held on Jan 18th. This pocket card uses the retiring Fabulous Flower set and the already retired groovy guava and wild wasabi ink, paper and ribbon. There are glitter highlights on the big flower which did not show up well in the picture . The white brad on the small flower was made using my heat gun, embossing powder and brads. Let me know if you want directions for how to make your own colored brads. I especially like the way the white gel pen accents the spider flowers in the background.
Have a great night!


Friday, January 9, 2009

snowman dimensional card

Hi all!! This afternoon I had a fun time stamping and chatting with my friend Terry but tonight I got busy creating!! I had seen the fold for this card several places using the valentine stamps but I wanted to try a little something else. Soooo I pulled out a retired set, Flakey Friends, and gave it a whirl. The picture on the top shows what the card looks like when you pull it out of the envelope. Then the card expands forward and you see the three layers of the card as dimenions. I used the top note die cut of retired soft sky cardstock for the background and a portion of another top note die cut for the footer on the front of the card. Gotta love that die! This is one of the cards we will be making at my Retired/Retiring Stamp set stampin session on Jan 18th. See my Stampin' Up! website for details about the session. (
Love to hear what you'd like to see on my blog next!!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

table runners a la Stampin' Up/ Sizzix

Hi Stampers ...and fabric crafters!!!
Well my dear ol' bud, MMS, got her handcrafted table runners today at lunch so I can post the pictures now!! First, I made the Autumn runner because MMS is all about things fall and halloween. But then I realized that, since this gift was for her late Dec birthday present, she would not get to use it for a very long time. Soooo...I made a winter one too! MMS is a fabulous quilter ...I am not. It is a craft I love, but my hands just do not handle all the pinning and needle work. So I thought I would give pseudo quilting a try! I ironed an adhesive interfacing onto the fabric and then die cut all the pieces using various dies from Stampin' Up! and Sizzix. Another round with the iron and the runner was complete. It is a bit lame in comparison to MMS's beautiful quilting work (You should see my beloved, much-used, Pooh quilt) but I know she appreciated me trying to cross over from my craft, stampin, to her craft, quilting. Truthfully, it was really fun to make.


Ellie Baby Memory tin

Hi Stampers!!
Tonight I wanted to post pictures of a project (actually two projects) I made for my friend's birthday. Unfortunately, she is an early riser and often checks her computer before going to work. I do not want her to see pictures of her gifts before I have a chance to give them to her. We are meeting for lunch, so I will be able to post them Thursday afternoon. In the meantime, I thought I would share with you one of my hand crafted baby memory tins. I really enjoy making these because each tin is unique. Usually, I am commissioned to make them for new babies or for a child on a special occasions such as a Christening, First Birthday, or First Eucharist. I usually try to focus on the child's first name. The colors and theme of the tin often mimic the child's nursery or bedroom. Of course, similar tins could be given to a newly engaged lady or a student headed off to college or someone starting a new job. The idea is to record special events or thoughts or milestones on the tags and then put them into the tin. Later when you want to recall those events or scrap those events, all the details are recorded on the tags in your own handwriting. You cannot see the other side of the tin, but I hang a pen there so recording the facts is quick and easy. There is a little poem on the lid. Hope this inspires someone to start collecting their milestones.
I would love to hear what you think of my new blog/entries so don't hesitate to leave a comment. If you find you cannot post to the comments, you can always email me and I will post for you.


Wednesday, January 7, 2009

more Love Bundle

Well I stamped another Valentine project for yo'al to see but I couldn't quite get it in the last post the way I wanted, so I decided to just make another post... and Whoops! I am posting so late on Tuesday that they are coming up dated Wednesday. That's life for the night owls like me!!

This card is a variation of one I saw on the demo side of the Stampin' Up Website. Did you know that Demos can peak at the SU website each day and see 4-8 new projects? Imagine new projects every day - such fun! I look every single day!! Having access to those projects is another perk of being a demo. If you ever consider joining SU, I hope you will join me in this fun work.

Stamps: Love You Much
c/s: Rose Red, Ballet Blue, Whisper White,
Print Pack DSP
ink: Rose Red marker
Punches: Scallop Circle, Scallop Edge, Heart Trio
Adhesive, Dimensionals

Hope you feel inspired to play with your stamps!! Please feel welcome to leave me a comment on what you have seen or what you would like to see onmy blog!!

Such a Rainy Night

Hi Stampers!! Boy!! Tonight was surely a great night to stay in and stamp!! Unfortunately, Dave and I had to go out to a marching band meeting. When we got outside, we found that my car was completely encased in ice. Not good!!! I can hardly scrape my windows when I am well, but trying to do it without stretching was really a challenge - Dave ended up doing the tall and far reaching parts and I did the low, close up parts! Team work!!
Good news! I got to take my bandage off today. Things are moving along nicely.

I have continued to play with the Love You Much set and here is a CASEd project I had seen on the internet. You know me, I tweaked it so it is not an exact copy of the one I saw.
Stamps: Love You Much
c/s: Sage Shadow, Pink Pirouette, Bravo Burgundy, Whisper White
Ink: Bravo Burgundy, Basic Black pads, White Craft pad, Bravo Burgundy marker
Accessories: White Gel Pen, Heart Trio Punch, Whisper White 1/4" Grosgrain ribbon
Scallop die cut


Monday, January 5, 2009

Love bundle #2

Hi Stampers! Well, it certainly felt strange to stay at home from work today while all my buds went back to school. I did take advantage of the "relaxing and recuperating" free time to check out some of my fellow bloggers' sites and to make another Love Bundle card. This one was inspired by one I saw on Sandy's (my upline) blog. The picture doesn't show that the birds are stamped on DSP, the bodies are cut out, and attached to the card using dimensionals. Card size 3 x 6, hinge at the top.

Materials used:
Stamps: Love You Much (113756)
C/S: Pretty in Pink, Riding Hood Red; Designer Series Papers
Ink: Riding Hood Red pad, Rose Red marker
Accessories: White Gel Pen, new Triple Heart Punch from the Valentine bundle, adhesive, dimensionals, Serif Die Cut letters, retired gold cording, metal cupid charm

I hope you have had a chance to hear about the great Stampin' Up! sale going on now. Also, know that if you leave me a nice comment on my new blog, I am offering free shipping (to me if the order is less than $150) on your order placed through me by Jan 18th, 2009.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Love Bundle #1

Hi, Stampers!! I am excited to be posting my first pic to my new blog. This is a simple warm up project. I used the new Love You Much stamp set from the special Valentine Bundle that is now available at 20% off from SUP! through me. The Bundle includes the six piece Love You Much stamp set(25.95), Candy Lane Designer Series Paper (9.95), and a fabulous new punch of three hearts (15.95). This bundle (115405) is only $41.48 until January 31.

Stamps: Love You Much (113756)
C/S - Rose Red, Pink Pirouette, Regal Rose
Ink - Rose Red pad
Punches - 1/8" circle, scallop circle (109043), 1" circle (109046), 1 1/4" circle (104403)
Accessories - sticky strip tape, dimensionals, Crystal Effects (on small heart), Purely Pomegranate satin ribbon (retired), Regal Rose 5/8" grosgrain(109056)
Non-SUP - Stickles glitter glue - pink, lime green, yellow (on the "love")

Visit my Stampin' Up! website ( to place your online order or contact me.

I am doing well after my back surgery and will be off work for two weeks while I recover. I would love to stamp with you while I am recuperating.


Saturday, January 3, 2009

Join me in a new adventure!!

Hi, Stampers!! This is the first entry to my brand new blog about stampin - the best hobby I have ever had!! I have wanted to create my own blog for quite some time. Yesterday I had back surgery and I will be off work for two weeks so it seems like the perfect opportunity to learn this new (sitting down) skill of blogging as another way to connect with my stampin friends.

A thought about my blog title: I have been thinking about a title for quite some time - for sure, I wanted it to be about stampin, my passion - my peccadillo. The dictionary defines peccadillo as a sin or fault...for me, an obsession. So I just twisted peccadillo a bit to include my name and viola "stampin pegcadillo". Lots of you have the same peccadillo and I hope you will travel along with me as I blog. I will be including pictures as soon as I master the way to include them - visit me often and see how my skills progress!

If there is something you would like to see or hear on this blog, just add a comment and I'll see what I can do to make it happen.

Happy New Year
Happy New Adventure!