Tuesday, May 31, 2011

card class project #3

Hi all
Well it was a surprise to get out of school early today!!  I happened to be in an air conditioned school so it was not uncomfortable for me but I'm sure my coworkers at my other (non air conditioned) school were melting.  I took advantage of the time to knock out a few things at school while it was cool and quiet.  Love it.  Tomorrow night is a retirement party for a co-worker at that school so I was able to begin to assemble the memory book pages that have been contributed to her book.  Several years ago I was able to persuade the folks at this school to do memory books for the departing staff.   We seem to have it down to a well oiled process.   We choose the book size and then purchase a stack of decorative papers.  Each staff member - or any former co-worker of the person leaving -is asked  to contribute a page.  They decorate it what ever way they choose and it is a delight to see the various ways people choose to express their respect and affection for  the person leaving.  I think it is such a special gift - I hope when I leave there they make one for me!!  When I left today,  the principal was working on a double page spread from she and the AP - highlighting them as "Thing 1" and "Thing 2".   Mary Ann really enjoys making her creations and has even organized the making of similar books for "higher ups" in the county who have retired.  It is fun to see the idea catch on in the bigger world!!
But I'll bet you came to see another project and hopefully, you are considering joining us on the 12th to make this project.
This card was inspired by a card made by Kathy Janicki.  I changed up the colors and adjusted the center greeting a bit.  My flowers are 3D -popped up on dimensionsals and the flowers and stems are heat embossed.

The flower on the left actually looks like the other two - it caught a bad glare and ended up looking strange in the picture.  Hope you enjoy this cheerful little project - come to class on the 12th and find out the secret hidiing behind the greeting label. 
The county has already called fore a half day again tomorrow for heat - amazing!

Monday, May 30, 2011

card class project #2

Hi all
Thanks to all the military personnel and their families on this Memorial Day!  God bless you all!

Today I have another of the cards we made at my last stampin session ...and we will be repeating that class on June 12.  Thanks to those who expressed an interest in having me re-do these projects.  I know this is a busy time of year for all of us and I'm glad you won't have to miss the projects. Let me know by Wednesday June 8 if you will be coming.

This beautiful card was inspired by Mary Brown.  I moved the elements around and changed ribbons and colors but the general layout is similar to hers.  I think it has such a fresh look!!  The colors are wild wasabi and poppy parade.  Did you remember that the "In Color" colors in the current catalog (including the Poppy Parade) will be around for another year?  That's right, Stampin' Up! plans to give those "in color" colors a two year rotation...so they will stay and new ones will come in to join them. 
Wouldn't you like to make this card with us?  Call me!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Memorial day find...

Hi all
Hope everyone is enjoying a pleasant Memorial Day weekend.  I am using the weekend to make treats for the volunteers at one of my schools - I have about 85 finished but I think I need to do a few more, just in case.  I used the same idea I had used to make treats for my other school but this time I chose a different die - I like it even better than the first ones I made!!
No holiday weekend is complete without popping in and seeing what is on sale at the local craft stores - have to say that I was disappointed.  I hit three different stores and did not find anything great EXCEPT...
...pause now for a little story..
...I was fortunate to receive a Color Nook from my husband for Christmas.  I had wanted one but I have been surprised that I like it even more than I thought I would.  I was afraid I'd miss the feel of holding a book but I have found that the Nook is so much easier to read when you are lying down in bed.  I like to lay on my side and read.  Reading the one side of a book is easy but trying to get the other page of a book set up to read is awkward.  With the Nook you just prop it up and with the flick of your finger you whip through the book.  But how do you carry your Nook with you?  It won't fit in my purse ..no room there.  I will be traveling this summer and want to take the Nook with me but the thought of accidentally leaving it in the pocket of the seat on the plane worries me...the last time I flew, I left a brand new book on the plane..rats!  I wanted a satchel to hold the nook but one that had a long strap so I can wear it.  Hands free and all that jazz.  I went on the internet and couldn't find much and most of what I found were black - ick! I wanted something pretty!!  So my husband bought me a lovely Vera Bradley bag for Easter.  Now I have to say, that is the FIRST and probably ONLY Vera Bradley bag I will ever have...too much money for a bag but it is perfect for holding my Nook and my little computer too.  When my husband gave me the bag, I said, "you watch, the Giant will have a bag special this summer and one of them will be a nook carrying bag for under $10".  Well I was almost right...I found a perfect size bag at ACM today for guess.....yep under $10.  I cracked up!  It was such a great price that I bought one for me and one for a friend who also has a Nook.  Now I have a "good" bag for special places and a "knock around" bag for when it might get dirty!!
Anyway, if you need a bag for your reader, go to the yarn department at ACM and get yourself a deal!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

how to get the tuxes and dresses

Hi all
I'm getting many questions about the tuxes and dresses...they were made from Accucut dies - BIG dies (about 8 x 10" or larger) which I cut on my Accucut machine.  I've had this wonderful machine for many many years - since way before SU started carrying Sizzix.  I do "cut to order" so if you are interested in having me cut some for you, just contact me. Believe me when I say, you do not want to hand cut these patterns as they are very detailed.
One more thing ...the bride's have been filling the boxes with candied almonds, Hershey hugs and kisses, or whatever favorite candy the bride and groom enjoy.  Personally, I usually use the red and white soft mint candies because I can get them locally at the Walgreen's in a big tub and they are individually wrapped.  I think folks appreciate that these candies are "clean" (untouched by someone else's hands) and they are cheaper than kisses. The cello wrapper helps to fill up the interior space or if you use smaller candies, you could use Easter grass or shreaded paper fillers.

Peggy          david.outen@verizon.net

question about the tux

Patricia - I am having trouble connecting to you to answer your question about the tuxs.  Please email me at david.outen@verizon.net  so I can answer your question.  thanks!

Friday, May 27, 2011

card class project #1

Hi all
Today was my son's last day of high school - what an amazing feeling to know I no longer am the parent of a school age child...weird!!

Today I have a lovely project to show you...lovely in it's simplicity.  Black white and a single color can be so striking!! 

Actually I am not sure who to credit for this design because I have seen it so many places.  It is truly a classic design, I think.
In June I will be repeating this class so if you love this design and the  ones I will be posting over the next week be sure to join us to make them for yourself!  Stay tuned for details.


Thursday, May 26, 2011

Shining gratitude

Hi all
This year, one of my schools decided to use the "shining" theme for their volunteer breakfast.  I like to contribute treats to the event and as soon as I heard the theme, I thought this idea would be perfect.  These pins are die cut on the Big Shot machine using the Island Floral and Blossom Party dies.

The metal is flashing material used in construction.  The flashing I had was silver-toned on one side and gold-toned on the other, which allowed me to have some variety to the end product.
I attached the pin backs using stick strip tape and used mini glue dots to attach the jewel rhinestones.

I thought that the presentation of the pins would be better if they were on a card backing.  I stamped them with the "sparkly and bright" stamp and "thank you" of course.  I was able to attach my blog addy to the back of the card in case anyone is interested in making some too.  Hope you like this sparkly project.


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Formal attire!

Hi all
No...this post title is not about John's prom, although he and his friends looked great for prom.
Nope...this title refers to one of my most recent projects...making wedding shower favors for a friend's friend's daughter.  I have already delivered the dresses (but forgot to take a picture.)  They looked great because not only did I die cut them but  also ran them through my Big Shot with two different dry embossing folders.

Here are the tuxedos.  Aren't they cute?!!  Do you have an occasion where you would like these guys to attend.  Contact me to get your diecuts.

Sorry to have taken a while to get back to posting...had a couple of days where I could not get into my account. Things seem to be better now.  Keep coming back as I have lots of goodies to share with you this week.


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Think Spring!! Project eight

Hi all
This was my favorite card from the Think Spring class but I forgot to post it until now!!

We used the Nature Walk set and the Polka Dot Textured Impressions Folder.  The part I love the most was the bees.  I had the gals stamp the bees on the Two Tags die cut tag but we stamped them again on vellum.  They were cut closely and put onto the stamped bees with the vellum wings three dimensional.  Gorgeous! 

I have been so busy lately that my stampin time has been limited, so I am super excited to prep for Sunday's stampin session ...I hope you will join us.  Contact me by tonight.

Monday, May 16, 2011

draft project

Hi all

Today I thought I would share a little treat I designed to hold gift cards for my son's after prom party.  I used Accucut dies to make the french fry container and the Gator.  In the background I stamped the alligator from the Long fellows hostess set.

Hope you are planning to attend my stampin session on Sunday...we are due for some stampin fun!!


Sunday, May 15, 2011

senior times

Hi all
Wow!  I have had the craziest weeks lately!  We are up to our necks in all things "senior" - and I don't mean over 60 stuff..... I'm talking high school graduation!!  John has only two more weeks of classes and a week later he will be graduating. 
Earlier this week we visited the program John will be attending in the Fall.  That set off a series of events - placement tests, purchasing books, interviews, signing up for classes....but we are good to go now!   I am excited for him as I think this program will be great for him..he will do well, I know!!

Then this weekend was prom.  He and his friends looked great and we were fortunate to get a break in the rain to be able to take some wonderful photos.  My sister came along to see the kids off to prom and at one point she turned to me and said, "I have taken 87 pictures!!"  I didn't dare look at how many I had taken!!  The day started with a hair cut and a trim of John's beard!   Then off to get the flowers and at 4:30 we were gathered at his friend's home for the pictures. We were there til after 6. Dave and I went to the after prom party site at 11PM to help set up and were asked to stay to help during the event with the many jobs that needed to be done to make the event go smoothly.  Though we had originally planned to leave at about 1 AM when the party started, we ended up staying until the event ended at 4 AM.  The kids had planned to go to IHOP at 4AM for breakfast but it turned out that they were all dragging so we headed home...tired, but happy that the day had been great for all.  The lady that put together the after prom party did an amazing job!  They had tons of food of all different types, and some amazing activities...lazer tag, a ladder climbing apparatus, a photo booth, air brushed tattoos, a coffee bar, toilet races and a bull riding apparatus.  The door prizes included TV's, computers, GPS, mini fridge, gift cards, and more.  Patti definitely deserves kudos!
I am so glad we got to enjoy the day with him...special moments.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

lambie pie!!

Hi all
Hope of the folks out there who are mom's are being treated extra sweetly this weekend and that everyone out there is treating their own mom with love.

I was working in my stamp room today, getting ready to tackle several BIG projects, when it occurred to me that I never showed you the funny little treats I made for the staff at my home school for Easter.  Sadly, I did not get to make treats for my other school's staff - they will have to get something extra nice in May!!
Here is my little lambie pie!!  Some folks have made much more detailed versions of these treats but when you are doing over 60 of anything, you have to simplify simplify simplify..

I got great feedback from the gals.  Hope you like  them too...oh yeah!  yes they are made from the owl punch, the word window punch and the scallop punch

Hope you will join me for a Friday night stampin session this week - I need to hear from you by Tuesday the 10th if you plan to attend.  Fee is $15 for 6 projects.


Wednesday, May 4, 2011

In honor of women class project #7

Hi all
Finally got a chance to get back on line to post another project for you.  What do you suppose you could make with this?

There are many projects posted on the internet using the petal cone die.  Wait til you see where we end up with this!!!  The above picture shows a petal cone die cut of felt - this particular felt is stiff  which is helpful in this project.  I don't know if the stiff felt has a particular name, but as I said it works great for this project.

The first thing I did was cut off the tab on the side.

I die cut the petal cone (minus the tab) from the Big Shot Fabric Adhesive (on a roll, 122194) and from SU fabric - in this case I used the retired Candy Cane Christmas fabric.  Then I attached the adhesive to to the die cut felt - you attach it by layering the two and then ironing the adhesive to the felt.  You remove the backing to expose the other side of the adhesive and iron the fabric onto the felt.  Note: some folks attach the adhesive to the fabric and then die cut but I find I waste a lot of product that way.

Here are several of the die cut fabric pieces (note I didn't omit the tab yet on these).

Then I folded the heart lengthwise and matched up the edges.  I used bakery twine (available on page 10 of the SU summer mini catalog) to blanket stitch the pocket closed.  Now here are some of the tricks about this step.  When you thread the needle, put both loose ends through the eye of the needle and after you go through the both sides of the heart at the tip of the cone to join the two sides, go through the loop at the end of the thread and pull tight.  This will give you a neat beginning and you won't have to knot the twine.  Work your way up the straight edges until you get to the end of the straight side.  At the beginning of the curves, separate the two loose ends of the twine and begin stitching with only one layer.  When you reach the other end of the curve, leave the end loose.  Go back and stitch the other side with the other strand of twine until you meet up with the first one on the other side of the curve.  Tie a knot using the two strands and tuck into the pouch.

In order to keep my pouch closed, I attached a Stampin Up! button to the front of the pouch - I should suggest to you that you put something (temporarily) between the fabric and the button - I  used a small crochet hook - by doing that you have a button that is loosely attached.  Then I sewed a hair scrunchie to the tip of the other side.  Why do you need this closure?  So your scissors don't fall out of this scissor pouch!  Cool, huh?  The thickness of the felt keeps the points of the snips from poking out.  This is a quick project and any mom would be glad to have a special pouch for her snips.
 Doesn't every mom threaten the family if they touch her "good" scissors?
Aren't they cute??  Love it!!

Hope you like it too!!

I will be hostessing a stampin class on Friday, May 13th at 7:00 PM (I know, brave of me to do it on Friday the thirteenth.)  Because it is a night class after a work day, we will only be making 6 projects and the fee will be $15.  I need to hear from you by Tuesday, May 10th if you plan on attending.  Contact me by email or phone to register.  Payment made at the class must be made in cash.  Feel free to mail me a check by May 10th.  I hope to get back to Sunday afternoon classes on the 22nd.


Sunday, May 1, 2011

In honor of women class project #6

Hi all
Hope all of the local folks were able to get outside and enjoy the beautiful day on Saturday.  I enjoyed it in bits and pieces as we spent a good part of the day running chores.  The most fun part was preparing for my son to attend his senior prom.  Having a graduating senior in your house is both fun AND expensive.  Every time you turn around you are shelling out more money but you know this time only comes around once in a lifetime so you take joy in the spending.  Today was all about renting a cool tux - John is very trim with broad shoulders born of drumming so he looks great in a tux.  His date is wearing orange!  Not a great color for him as he is quite fair but she has lovely dark hair and I'm sure she will look great.  We were able to get a great matching vest and tie to coordinate with his date's dress.  While we were at the tux store (#2) one of the cashiers found a credit card on the floor.  They had no order forms with that ladies name on it ...I felt bad that the poor lady is going to look for her card and be sick when she realizes she lost it.   Hopefully, the store can connect with her through the credit card  company.  Next we were off to the florist - made our selection and checked that off the list.
We had two consecutive nights of concerts this week - his final high school concert performances.  The first night he had to be at school at 6:30 and was second to perform - that was AWESOME!!! as he did his drum set solo to start the "I shot of sheriff" steel drum performance.  We could not see him from the floor of the auditorium because the steel drums and barrels totally blocked him and others from view so at the last minute we ran around to the side of the stage and had a perfect view of him...Dave recorded it of course.  So AWESOME!!   Unfortunately, we had to stay until the end so we did not get home until after 10 PM..can you spell TIRED!  Then the next night he had to be at school by 5:30.  He performed first with the DRUMLINE - also cool because he is the lead snare and set the cadence.  But we had to wait through several other groups before he performed again with his class band.  Again, we got home after 10 PM.  A busy, exhausting week.  I have been under the weather a bit so it made the week a little extra long...but we are proud of John's great accomplishments...and we wouldn't miss a minute of his performances.
Now for a project.....it is gorgeous!!  Thanks to Kris McIntosh and Simone...great idea!

I am not usually a pink person but this is a special stamp set to benefit Breast Cancer Research so it had to be pink, of course.  It is hard to see  in this picture (I'm a stamper not a photographer!) but the right side is tone on tone stamping of small words like "unity", "courage" "love" -the left side is dry embossed using the Big Shot.
We now have only 34 days of school left....I can hardly believe summer is so close!!
Remember to check out my post from yesterday about the current Stampin' Up! specials.

PS  I have added links on the left column to the new Summer Mini Catalog that begins today and the flyer about the Strength and Hope set and digital kit.  We all know someone who has been impacted by breast cancer.  Your purchase of the Strength and Hope set will give a $2 donation to support the search for a cure.  I will be holding a "Strength and Hope" class in upcoming weeks but you will need to purchase the stamp set to participate - order yours now online or contact me directly to place your order.  Thank you for your support of this important cause.