Sunday, June 19, 2011

Bee treats!!!

Hi all
Well school is finally finished for this school year - my 35th as a school based occupational therapist -yikes!  Looking forward to having the summer off.  This last week of school, I made one more set of treats for the staff at my two schools.  I think they turned out well and of course, the base of the treat is the owl punch.

The wings of the bee are a punched heart - I lined up the cardstock to the the punch so the bottom of the cardstock was about 1/4" inside the heart which gave the hearts a flat bottom and kept the wings from being too long. I placed a bit of adhesive vertically down the center of the heart and scored on either side of it, then bent the wings up and stuck the flat part with the adhesive against the candy.   If you visit my blog often you may recall that I made about 270 gator treats for the staff at my son's high school.(   when I looked at how much scrap golden cardstock was left, I knew I would want to use up the cardstock scraps in some useful way.  I immediately thought of the bees as the best use of the color....however I tons more golden scraps left so I could create another swarm of bees.  ha!!
Surprisingly enough, some of the folks who received my treats throughout the year did not realize they were all made from the owl punch!  Silly, huh?  It has been fun to see the various treats stuck on walls, or on the frame of computers or even hiding inside the staff mailboxes.  They accomplished their goal of giving folks a cheerful moment!
Hope you are having a great day with the dad's in your life.  My own Dad has been deceased a long time (and I miss him always) and my husband lost his Dad just last week but we will enjoy visiting Dave's step father, a great guy.
Summer is on... come play one day!!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Quick hi!

Hi all
Sorry I have been MIA ...we have had a odd week.  Earlier in the week we heard that my husband's dad was in the hospital....and not in good shape.  They have not seen each other in quite a while (long story) but my husband did get in to visit with him.  Then on Thursday at 6 am we got a call from my brother in law that FIL had passed away at 3 am.  At 1 PM that afternoon my husband called me at work to say the viewing (not the traditional kind) was happening at 2 PM.  Luckily our schools closed early that day for heat and my AP let me leave a smidge early  so I was able to accompany hubby to the viewing.  Very odd situation ....full of questions and intrigue.  Stressful and upsetting....and out of our control. 
Friday night my son had his very last high school drum performance...they did a Drums and Dessert event and we enjoyed watching him as always.  We are so proud of his accomplishments, especially the drumming and are sorry to see his formal band time end.  We are investigating other options for his drumming as his college program does not have any percussion options.  bummer.  I am having a stampin class tomorrow and then I have one more week of school ....then....S U M M E R!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   whoo hoo!
Hope you will let me know what kinds of classes you would like to see and what days of the week and times are best for you.....During the summer I have lots more options!!
Stay cool!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

card class project #8

Hi all
 Well school closed early again today due to the extreme heat.  Luckily, I was in a school that is air conditioned so I stayed there and began my end of the year clean up/pack up.  Only two more days at that school so I have to get busy!!  Still have to clean up my folders and then I will be ready for summer vacation! Tonight I want to share the eighth project we will be doing at class on Sunday...will you be with us?  Hope so!!

This lovely card has no stamping..but the really cool thing about this project is the gathered ribbon.  So easy once you know how it is done!!  Come find out!!.
Have you checked out the list of retiring stamps and accessories yet?  Hurry up!!  The accessories are on a "while supply lasts" basis.  Of course, the stamps will be available until the end of June.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

card class project #7

Hi all
Well, the end of the school year is coming closer and closer to the end and, with these crazy hot days shortening the school day (like tomorrow, by two hours), there is even less time to get everything done that I want to get done.  yowza!

Can you tell that the bottom right set on this card is actually inside the card and that you are looking through a cut out hole?  The hole was cut using a mover and shaper die and my big shot.  Fun!

Remember that I need to hear from you by Wed (8th) if you plan to attend my class on Sunday.


Sunday, June 5, 2011

card class project #6

Hi all
Today I want to share with you a tricky little card.  This card is 3 x 6" and will fit into a bill paying envelope.  Sometimes I like to break away from the standard 4 1/4" x 5 1/2" and this little card made the break even more fun!!

To get the full effect of this card, you need to have a cover and an inside of different patterns or colors.  Otherwise you cannot really see what is happening!  Of course, the fact that we used a die cut tag made this card a little extra special for me...i love my Big Shot!!.  By cutting away the part of the white tag that is outside the perforation, I was able to layer it on another tag for some depth.  Look at the inside of the card...

Can you see that part of what you saw on the front of the card at the top of this post is actually the inside of the card?  The two layers are interlocked using slits.  Now you may think it is odd to have the greeting on the cover but I think this card would be great to hold a gift card.   Just tack it on the inside of the card on the left side and viola!  Your gift appears!  Now isn't that fun?!?!?
...gotta get back to my progress reports... 33 done and only 10 more to go!  whoo hoo!
hugs all...summer is almost here.......hope to see you at class next Sunday, 12th!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

card class project #5

Hi all

Well last night my younger son graduated from high school.  An emotional moment for sure! He is one of over 500 kids who graduated from his high school so the list of names lasted a very long time - I felt kinda sorry for the little old lady who actually handed out the diplomas - she was moving at warp speed!  They had her do a row of kids from one end of the stage and then she walked to the other end of the stage and did another row of kids until all 500+ were done.  She must have felt that she was doing a marathon!  On Monday he starts taking a college math class.  Quick turn around from high school to college.
In honor of his graduation, I am posting the graduation card we made at class and that we will be making on Sunday, June 12th.

This card can easily be colored to match the school colors of the recipient.  I made the tassel from DMC floss.  Enjoy!!


Friday, June 3, 2011


Hi all,
On Wednesday night, one of my schools hosted a party for a lady who is retiring.  Over the years, this school has taken on my suggestion to make memory books for folks who leave us such as this lady.  I get the books and supplies (unfortunately the county  rules to not allow me to use Stampin' Up! stuff) and people take a sheet of patterned paper, decorate it and return it.  It is my job to match up the pages into pairs that go well together and  slide them into the sleeves.  I also make a cover sheet to begin the book.  Now I am not a big scrapbooker but my heart is in my work.
This is the cover page...

This is my contribution.

Hope you like it!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

More metal pins!!

Hi all
I am interrupting the show of card projects to show you some more of the metal pins I made using my Big Shot, a die, and some metal flashing material for roofing. 

Originally, I was asked to make tags to be tied onto some starter plants that the committee was buying for each volunteer.  As I was making the tags, they didn't seem that great to me.  The committee had asked that I stamp something "kiddie lit" on the tags images from children's literature.  Well, the only thing I had of that nature was tons and tons of Winnie the Pooh Stamps.(my fav!)  I didn't actually have enough time to color in each of the ninety outline images so I decided to make pins to put on the tags too.  I dropped them off at school on Tuesday (Monday was the holiday and I am not usually there on Tuesdays and Wednesdays) because I wanted them to have enough time to tie the tags onto the plants for today.  When I got to school this am, I went to the cafeteria to see how they looked.   Imagine my amazement when I didn't see any plants.  Where were they?  Then I noticed that the pins were on the table in front of each seat.  When I saw the committee chair, I asked what happened to the plants?  She said they ran short on time and decided the pins were enough.  Boy am I glad I didn't make ninety tags to hang on nothing!! 

This was my favorite of all the metal pins.
Hope you like it too!!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Goodbye, old friends!

Hi all
Hope you have taken the time to look at the list of the retiring stamp and accessories list which you can reach by clicking on the promo picture on the left side of my blog.  Act fast if you want any of these items as they will surely go quickly.  You can order online through the store on my SU website ( and you will know right away if everything you want is still available or you can contact me by phone or through my email.
I am now taking pre-orders for the new catalog due out July 1 - $5 if you pre order, $10 after July 1.

Here is another project from my class.  It is a card that contains a bookmark with a metal flower on the front.

Hope you enjoyed this little gem.  Stay cool!!