Friday, January 29, 2010

Valentine Project #4

This tree has worked in every season!  Not apples, but hearts!! Kinda quick to assemble but appealing!!  Love it!


Thursday, January 28, 2010

Valentine Project #3

These heart shaped cups are such fun!!  Who wouldn't love a  little chocolate on Valentine's Day?  The tag on the right side says "pull" - when you pull it out the candies can be removed from the back of the front flap of the card you don't have to destroy the card to get to the treat.  Can't tell you how many people have insisted I make sure the cards aren't destroyed when they retrieve the candy!!  Fun!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Valentine #2

Hi all,  This fabulous project was inspired by Kelly Acheson.  The base cardstock is Sahara Sand and the DSP is from some of Stampin' Up!'s  Christmas papers.  The decorative strip is continuous from the left side, over the "bumps" to the right side.  Can you tell that these three joined boxes are from the matchbox Sizzix/Stampin' Up! die?  Of course the front edges are done with the scallop edge punch.  I didn't want to cover the design on the top which is why I had the ribbon come out of the center.  Imagine jewelry or chocolates or a sweet note (or one of each!)  in these little boxes.  Sweet!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

valentine project #1

Isn't this a lovely card?  A tweek of a card done by Lee Ann Greff.  The Big Shot played a big part in this card - the white background is done with the Perfect Details background plate and the hearts are done with the new embosslet from the Occasions mini catalog.  This bow is not tied - it is formed and the brad squeezes it neatly to keep it all together.  The birds are watercolored using the aquapainter and ink from the lid of the pad.  Of course, the bottom edge uses the new heart border punch and the black cardstock sets off that gentle pattern beautifully. Love it!  Thanks Lee Ann for the inspiration.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Picture this! block

Hi all ...I wanted to share this nifty idea with yo'al.  SOMEWHERE (I can't recall where..sorry!) I saw a similar idea posted on a blog.  Then I found these little 1.5" square acrylic blocks (ripped off what was stuck on them and cleaned the adhesive off with goo gone) and decided to give it a try  - wrapped DSP around the "thickness" edge and then wrapped that with a retired gingham ribbon.  The picture has no adhesive on it for fear it would show through to the front.  This is my younger son - he in a stage where he refuses to smile for photos - funny!  he used to ham it up! Teenagers, go figure!  This will look nice on my desk at school.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Final Calendar pages November and December

Again I went with the symbols of the month.  Can't think of November without thinking of Thanksgiving.   Didn't want to overdo the Christmas images for December, so I went with the elegant silver bell.
As they say in the cartoons, That's all folks!! for this calendar!!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Calendar ....Sept and Oct

The plaid on the September page looked like that old college look.  This page was meant to show how you could make each month a photo gallery - you know, the latest picture of the baby (right Grandma Terry?)   For October, I decided to use the copper metallic paper.  Love it!!

Haiti.. It's time to give in both big ways and little ways....

Wow!  Don't you find the level of devastation in Haiti overwhelming?  Incomprehensible!  As they have done in the past, Stampin' Up! has found a way to help you give just a little more to this important cause.

When you purchase the clear mount (118571, 18.95) or wood mount (117010, 26.95) set of I {heart} Hearts stamps between now and February 28th, $2 of the purchase price will be donated to the American Red Cross Haiti Relief and Development fund.  Won't you consider participating in this important cause?  Contact me today or purchase directly from my website (  Remember, this item can be used to help you earn a free Sale a bration reward as well when your subtotal reaches $50..

thank you

Friday, January 22, 2010

Calendar ....July and August

I guess it is because I am a born and breed Marylander but the July page is my very favorite of the whole calendar.  It looks especially good on the polka dotted background.  I am not a camper but the lantern seemed like a perfect choice for August.  Fun, huh? Especially fun to think about when we are cold, cold, freezing!!!!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Calendar ...May & June

I am loving these new punches and die cuts. This bird is sooo cute!  I don't think you can see the dry embossing on the butterflies but it is lovely.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Calendar... March April

Yesterday I forgot to mention that the days of the week names were produced on my computer onto labels.  I don't seem to have a stamp set with those names.  hmmm!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Calendar pages - Jan and Feb

Now I am able to show you the final pics of the desktop flip over universal calendar from my stampin session on Sunday.  Terry let me take some pics of her final project as mine looks somewhat different.  I did not like the way mine went together - ended up a bit crooked but I thought about if for a while and came up with the much better design shown here.  The base of the calendar is a lucite panoramic picture frame.  There are many different designer series papers used here which will be a delight.  Each day the combination of papers will be different and we will discover some nifty new color combos.  Many of the pages are done with either punches or Sizzix and or Stampin' Up!die cuts.  Hope you love it!  Check in each day for the rest of the week to see the other months of the calendar.

Monday, January 18, 2010

PD's 21st birthday share

This lovely card was made by one of my very talented downline, Peggy D.  She made this lovely pop up cake card for her daughter's 21st birthday.  Truely special!! Thanks for sharing, Peg.
I wish I had whipped out my camera when Terry shared her stack of beauties at the beginning of the session but I was distracted getting things ready and didn't think of it!  Duh on me!  Maybe she'll bring them again next time so I can share those too!!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Love it when UPS arrives during SAB!!

Can you guess what you are seeing in these two pictures?  Well, the picture on the right is what I bought for my last demonstrator order...and the picture on the left?  That is all the things I got for FREE!!!!!  Saleabration is fabulous!!!  I got 6 free SAB rewards for my purchases, plus an extra free choice because of my subtotal ...and then all the regular freebies we usually get as a hostess!!   Now is the time for a snow day as I cannot wait to play with my fabulous new toys!   Wouldn't you like to earn lots of freebies too?  Let's get together with your friends so yo'al can enjoy the Saleabration advantages.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Another calendar preview

This is not the final product of course, but it is another step in the process of making this flip calendar.  Can't wait to show you the final product but that won't be until after the class on Sunday.  I am really pleased at how this is going together.


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

motion card with a new clear mount stamp set!!

There are two copies of this card posted because the center portion of the card spins around (you wind  up the circle in the center before you close the card  then the circle will flip around/spin when you open the card).   I am making these fun little cards as thank you's for the Christmas gifts I received from some of my students.  Hope it delights the kids when they open it!!


Sunday, January 10, 2010

Another in progress look

My universal flip over calendar will include these "days of the week" slips.  Won't you join us to make one for yourself or a loved one?


What's that?

What's that ?
That is the beginnings of the desktop universal calendar project for my next stampin session to be held next Sunday, January 17th at 2PM.  The project begins with coasters and DSP - on both sides.  Visit again over the next few days to see more details about this special calendar.  Hope you will join us to play!  Too far away?  Stay tuned for an offer to purchase a make it yourself calendar kit!


Wednesday, January 6, 2010

fabric brooches

Tonight I want to share my fabric brooches with you.  I used my Big Shot and the layered flower die - I think these turned out better than my last attempt because I used three complimentary fabrics and folded and layered the petals instead of just stacking the petals.  Fun and easy to make.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Recipe holder

Hi all
Once again, I am struggling a bit with this layout but hopefully you can follow along with me. 
The front and back covers of our recipe book are black  plastic - a gift from one of my stampers.  I used my comb binding system to create the holders.  I had hoped to use the SU! vinyl to create the cover design but unfortunately, that item on my order was backordered and arrived today..too late for the session.  Instead I attempted to create die cut cookies using die cut flowers, sponged them, layered them, and added sprinkles on the top using crystal effects as the glue.
Can you tell that the inside of the holder is a series of half envelopes?  We sealed the envelopes then cut them in half and added a band of DSP arround the top, open edge of the envelope.  The gals enjoyed using various edge punches to decorate one edge of the DSP before it was wrapped around the top of the envelope.  We used the tab punch and added tabs to the back of the envelope.  You will write the name of the recipe there and insert the actual recipe card into the envelope.  The bottom front cover of the envelope is a great place to make notations about which pan you found works the best, or info about the person who gave you the recipe or even modifications that have worked well.
We wrapped a ribbon around from the back (it is threaded through large grommets) and a slide is put on the front - to open the holder, all you have to do is loosen the ribbon a bit and lift it over the top.  Our holders have 12 sleeves for 12 reicpes.  Of course you could also use Bind it all to create this holder or even
D rings or ribbon to bind the book. Hope it inspires you to create one too.  One of our gals was thinking she could start now to create these for her friends in her needework group for their next year Christmas present.
Nighty Night

Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy Anniversary!!!!

Hi all,
Happy One Year Blogging Anniversary to me!!!!
I cannot believe it has been one year since I started my blog, but I have enjoyed doing my blog and I hope you have enjoyed visiting it. In spite of my weak posting over these Christmas holidays, I am very proud of how often I have been here to share ideas with you since I started last January 3rd- way more often than I expected to be able to do, given the pace of my life!!  I hope to exceed this year's performance over the next year.  Hope you will continue to join me...and I encourage you to try to post comments now and then. It is encouraging to me when I hear from my visitors.
Well, it is FREEZING here in Baltimore (17-21 degrees for tonight- yikes!!) and I am NOT looking forward to my curb side bus duty tomorrow.  I MUST wear my LONG down coat and my new scarf - it is going to be brutal out there!
Here are some pictures of the cookies we tasted at my stampin session today...Peggy D brought these Chocolate Surprise Bon Bons...we called them delish!  She was nice enough to let me have my guys taste them..John is especially fond of peanut butter...the surprise! 

These are macadamia nut cookies ...I love these!

Then we explored another peanut butter yummy treat, say you love chocolate?

These have marachino cherries inside...ooohhh!

These next treats were soo good as they reminded me of shortbread - I love shortbread!  Emily corrected me - I thought they were thumbprint cookies but she said they are knuckle cookies - apparently the knuckle works better than the thumb - I will now be FORCED to test out her premise.

Sorry you were not there to join in the fun. Unless I come home absolutely dead tired tomorrow (which is possibly as I can get off my regular sleep routine within two days of starting my vacation), I will post the recipe holder pictures tomorrow (actually I just noticed it is tomorrow already!.

Remember that Jan 4rd is the last day to order from the Holiday mini catalog and Jan 5 is the first day of the Occasions Mini and Sale a bration (where you earn one of a variety of freebies for each $50 (subtotal) you spend).

I would love to do a workshop or stampin party for you and your friends during salebration - please let me share the fun and satisfaction of stampin with you and your friends.


Sunday, January 3, 2010

Vacation is coming to an end...

Hi all,
Sorry I do not have a project ready to post today.  I have been busy doing some last minute prep for my stampin session tomorrow (had to make a last minute adjustment as an important component of the recipe holder did not arrive in time - backordered!) and finish some happy new year's gifts for co-workers.  I hope to be able to post them starting tomorrow.
Wanted to give a shout out "hoo..ray!' for Terry's son and daughter in law who gave birth to a little girl this weekend.  I'm sure Terry is on cloud nine...we will miss her at our stampin sessions as she gives her support to her son and his growing family!
Although I have not accomplished everything I had hoped over the holiday break, I really have to admit I did accomplish several important tasks that I have wanted to get done.  One of those tasks is to update the inventory of my retired stamp sets.  I have made a list and checked it against the actual boxes of stamps for accuracy and hope to post them for sale soon.  Some are as recent as last years products, others go way way back to my "early years" with SU!.  I will be selling them at great prices so stay tuned for the details.  I  need to check my list of retired DSP as I have many of those too.
Tonight we had dinner at Panera, something we often do on weekends, but it was especially fun tonight because I took my new netbook with me and Dave talked me though how to hook up to the net there.  This is all in prep for me to try to hook to the net at work.  There are 7 adults in my room at one school, but only 3 computers.  The chairs in front of the computers never get cold cause there is always someone sitting in them - get in line!  Very frustrating when you have lots of assessment and team reports to crank out.  With my netbook I will be able to write reports without using the school computer. Love it!  Now I have to find a suitable decor element to put on the lid - wish SU! had a rubber stamp decor element...I may have to make one of my own!!.
I have also finished reading (books) and watching(DVD's) quite of bit of a new program that I think is going to be great for some of my kids at school.  I am eager to give it  try!
Didn't get to visit some important friends (Maureen and Bud), my house isn't as clean as I would like, and I still have to prep my January supplies for my ditty bag for my day job, but I always have loftier goals than I can accomplish.  Nothing new!
Now let me hear a cheer for the Ravens!!!!  Go Ravens!! (please don't beat yourselves this week- ssshhheesh!  You are a better team than that!!)
Nighty night

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!!

Hi all, Happy New Year
Well, I have enjoyed my Christmas holiday ...except that I have not had much time to stamp.  Sad..
Tonight I decided I had to put some time in using some of the wonderful Valentine stamps from the Holiday mini that is going bye-byes on Monday.  I love having a new mini on Tuesday but I have not yet used several of the great Valentine sets in the departing Holiday mini.  Also included in the project above is two of the new punches coming in the Occasions mini - the top photo is my (awful) attempt to show you the detail of those punches.  Before the Holiday  mini catalog is gone, be sure to check out the Valentine stamps (pgs 6, 8, 16) - and get your order to me by early Monday.
If you are eager to see the new Occasions mini and have not received one in the mail yet, check out my Stampin' Up! website ( and click on "products".  You can click the pdf to download the catty.  Remember that Sale-a-bration starts on Tuesday too...lots of great freebies!