Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year's Eve!!

Hi all
Hope everyone is enjoying their holiday.  My family and I are not into taking on the crazies on New Year's Eve, we prefer to be home and so I am here enjoying some new DVD's ..later we will jump onto the TV and catch the ball dropping at midnight. 

This picture I am sharing is actually a variation on a theme from a project from earlier in the season.  As Christmas presents for my sister and my MIL, I made shadow boxes like I had done earlier in the season with my coworkers from one of my schools.  But the boxes were slightly different from the original ones so I changed up the bottom row a bit and included a manger and an angel.  They were very nicely recieved by my family.  The manger was made from rectangles of cardstock and the head is two layered half circles.  The angel is made from a pennant punch, a circle punch and a heart punch.  cute!

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