Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Holiday Tags and Gift Card Holders 12-11, part 7

Hi all
Sorry I'm a bit late tonight - lots to do ...cookies for swaps...treats for staff....gifts for friends!!

Here is a wonderful gift card holder - sometimes these are made from envelopes.  I didn't have any kraft envelopes so I just made if from cardstock.
This cute little guy is from the Kidoodles set - the one that benefits the Ronald McDonald house.  Won;t you consider adding it to your collection to help RMcD too?
I love that yo'al visit my blog ...if you enjoy seeing my work, how about leaving a comment?  Admittedly it is sometimes hard for me to stay motivated to post every day when I so rarely get to enjoy a comment from my visitors.  If you are coming back over and over there must be something you like!!!!

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Carol V said...

A cute idea and thanks for thinking of those at the RMcDH.