Tuesday, April 3, 2012

St Patick's Day treat

Hi all
Well spring break is flying by - not a big vacation time for me but I am getting important things done and peppering each day with visits with good friends...my favorite way to spend vacation.  Had a yummy lunch yesterday with two lovely ladies.  Hi, Peggy and Terry!!  Enjoyed our visit... even if Friday's wished that we had not stayed so long.  Terry even did a little paper crafting while there!  See that, you can do it anywhere!  Come to think of it, that lunch lasted REALLY long as I ate the left overs today for lunch!!  Yummy AGAIN!  Thank you Terry for treating us...so sweet!  Your company really was treat enough.

Here is the St Patrick's Day treat I made for my coworkers at my two schools - also gave some to my book club ladies and to the ladies at the retreat we did on Saturday.

Wanted to mention that my book club graciously accepted my recommendation to read (or re-read) A Tree Grows in Brooklyn.  Wonderful book....Such a lovely story even though it was about a desperately poor Irish family scraping by in the early 1900's.  Read it!!  Thanks to the club ladies for helping me "lead" the discussion. 

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