Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Greetings!!!  The Thanksgiving dinner prep has begun!!!   Tonight I made my pumpkin pie and a special cold carrot recipe...I think the carrots and the cranberries are the only things that don't have to go in the oven!!!!  I have so many dishes going in and out of the oven and the microwave, I wonder how my mom did it before the invention of the microwave??  Although my family is small (there will be 8 of us) we still like to make all the trimmings.....and hope for left overs to enjoy for days.  Hope your prep is going well, too!   Tomorrow night is apple pie night...two of those, because we all love apple pie...yum!  Still using the recipe my mom used so many years ago. 
Another Holiday Stamp a stack card for you tonight.....

This card has no stamping,  just die cutting and piecing.  The head and hat of the snowman were cut using the envelope framelet and the head was cut from a folded piece of white cardstock so the head is the part that opens, the green is just a base card to make the card standard in size.  I think it is very cheery and a child might be delighted to see Frosty arrive in the mail.  Love his blushing cheeks!

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