Tuesday, July 27, 2010

convention trade #1...Eiffel Tower #2

Today I am sharing the first card I designed as a trade for convention.  Unfortunately, after I designed this one, I didn't have time to make up any more.... so this is the one and only.  But I still like it and will include it in my convention trades class on Aug 8th.  One of the sneaky pete secrets about this card is that the layer between the back ground medallions and the plain white base is not a real layer.  I had many strips left over from when I used my border punch and did not want to throw them away, so I created a faux layer.  Just attached the blue strips on top of the white cardstock to separate the plain area (which I had masked) and the stamped area.  Why do this? - well first is was a "green" use of the excess strips of cardstock I had - and I like to recycle, and second because it keeps the weight of the card down - avoiding extra postage costs.  Hope you'll come join in the fun on the 8th!!  Register now!!

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