Sunday, July 18, 2010

Hoot... hoot.... hoot!!

Here is one of the cards we made today in my stampin session...

Isn't he the cutest?!?!?  Peeking out of his tree!!!  The trick to this card is that you have to punch a hole in the DSP.  Then you put the DSP on the card front and punch the hole again, right in the middle of the hole in the DSP - now you have a hole in the card front.  Now those of you who come to my classes know that I like to have white inside my cards, so you would attach the folded white c/s to the back of the brown and then punch that same hole one more time.  The punch is just not strong enough to go though all of the layers at the same time but if you do it this way - it works great!  The owl is actually on a branch from the bird punch, on the inside of the card.  This little owl punch is such fun!!!  I recommend that when you punch him, you punch three different papers, then use all those parts for layering three unique owls.  If you only use two papers for the layers, you will end up with a "positive" and a "negative" image but if you use three papers you can put A on B and B on C and C on A - three different birds.  Card inspired by Jill Hilliard.
Come back each day - I have about 14 days of posts for you between this class and my convention trades.  Look for a special offer too!!


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Elaine said...

Isn't this an adorable card!?! I love how you used the owl punch. :)