Saturday, July 31, 2010

convention trade number 3

Hi all
Sorry I have missed posting.  No, I am not missing in action...just been busy at a TotSwap at the Fairgrounds on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  Boy are there A LOT of pregnant woman around.  I think I know what people are doing for entertainment in this supposedly poor economy.  I guess a little slap and tickle is inexpensive entertainment now..of course, 9 months later, watch out!
Anyway, here is another one of my convention trades.  This card was inspired by my dear friend, Linda from New Jersey.  I missed her at convention this year but we planning on going to the Stampin' Up regionals in Baltimore in October.  That will be a nice birthday present for me ...especially if some of my gals come too.
What Linda did for her card (and what I did too) was begin by rolling a large wheel.  I believe she punched out her squares but I used my paper cutter to cut mine.  The trick is you have to keep the squares in order because the design runs from one square to the next.  Notice the word "Blessing" going horizontally and the gratitude phrase running vertically.  The "thank u" is from the "Cute by the Inch" hostess set.  The little design at the bottom comes from the Artistic Expression set (gee I hope I have that name right - I am not with my stamps right now).  We will make one of these cards at the August 8 stampin class.  Thanks to those who have already registered for class...there are seats still available, first come, first serve.

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Linda said...

Hey, girl, thanks for the "shout out"! Love the card!