Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Christmas ornaments and decorations, project 6, part 4

Hi all
Well, I couldn't stand the embarrasment of my  horrible photography (even though I am a known novice at photography!) so I went back and retook my already-posted photos of the shadow box project.  If you have been checking in to see each component, be sure to go back and see the nicer photos of the first three windows.
window 4....

This window is one I am particularly proud of because it took some figurin' to make this house. I folded the designer series paper in a particular way (about 1/2" in on each side of a center portion just slightly narrower than the tag punch) and punched two for each house.  I scored a small piece of DSP several times then it was folded to form the chimney.  The door is a jewel and the wreath over the door is a flower punch with a hole in the center.

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