Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hi all
I hope that everyone is enjoying a pleasant and peaceful Thanksgiving with family and friends.  Although my own family is rather small, we always enjoy getting together on special occasions for a meal.  My sister graciously allows me to take over holiday occasions so that we can bring my family (my sister) together with Dave's parents and his uncle.  Sometimes on Thanksgiving, we also celebrate my son's birthday, which always falls near or on Thanksgiving. We have big plans for his birthday this year...I'll tell you about that after the big event.
I have a cute Thanksgiving project to share with you but I haven't snapped photos of it yet so hopefully I can show that to you later this weekend.  In the meantime, here is the alternate Thanksgiving treat I made for my co-workers when I ran out of the candies I had used in the baggies I showed you yesterday.

These treats are made using the "It's a Wrap Holidays" set.  The stamped image is meant to wrap Hershey Nuggets but I wasn't able to get those, so I used the Hershey Miniature bars instead.  Did you know that Hershey does not allow you to use adhesives that might alter the flavor of their chocolate?  And that you are not allowed to attach the stamped wrapper to the wrapper of the candy?  You have to attach the stamped wrapper to itself so you can slide the stamped wrapper off the candy like a sleeve.  Seems a bit retentive to me but that is their copyright rule.  Luckily their chocolate is delish!  These treats are smaller than the skinny bags I showed you yesterday, but heck! .. they have chocolate inside so I know no one was disappointed. 
As I was leaving work today, one of the new teachers at my school came up to me with a piece of notebook paper in her hand, which she gave to me.  Imagine my surprise when I opened it up to find a note from her daughter, thanking me for the skinny bag candy.   Apparently Christina gave the candy to her daughter. (good mom!)  I love that the good vibe went from me to Christina and from Christina to her daughter!  How sweet of her daughter to send me a thank you note!!!!  Funny thing is, I recently "entertained" a young adult all day because she is considering going into occupational therapy.  She did not come to volunteer, but simply to watch.  I tried to explain the various aspects of OT to her and answered her questions.  I did not get all of my usual work tasks done (such as writing detailed progress notes) because I didn't want to bore her.  This girl did not send me so much as an email to say thanks but this little kid wrote a "bread and butter" note to me for a little treat!   I applaud Christina, who obviously is raising her daughter to have lovely manners. 
I am thankful for all my stampin friends, for having a good job in rough economic times, for being able to reach out to all of you, but  especially for my husband and sons.  They are truely my joy.
Happy Thanksgiving

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