Sunday, October 14, 2012

Holiday SAS, Pt 3, Proj 4

Hi Friends
Have to admit, I have been very distracted by local sports lately...what a time we have had!  The O's really gave us quite a season, making it to the last game of the playoffs, with many "extra innings", before losing to the opponent.  I am monitoring the next stage, hoping that the right team wins.  I tend to cheer for the underdog because I can't much stomach what I think is smugness on the part of teams who always think they are entitled to win.  So ugly.  Let's hear it for the underdog!  Spread the wealth!!
Then the Raven's gave us quite a "squeeker" today.  Whew!  That was too close for comfort!
After that excitement, my family took me out to a local haunt for my birthday dinner.  Monday is actually my birthday but when you have a busy family, you have to gather them together when you can!  Love being with my guys!  The dinner was great ...and I still have half of it left for lunch tomorrow.  Yum!

Here is another Stamp a Stack card from the last holiday class ...this class will be repeated on Sunday, 21st ...sign up by Tuesday if you want to attend.  This card is a tweaked version of one by Renee Thompson.

This card uses Midnight Muse blue, a color I don't usually use for Christmas.  But I wanted to offer an alternative option for those who think out of the box more than I do.
I have seen many cards that have this same basic format, but I switched things up a bit and punched a hole in the center of the ornament and the card front, and placed the infant Jesus (retired set: Deer Friends) on the inside of the card.  This was the religious card for this class.

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