Saturday, September 21, 2013

holiday SAS, class 2, Project #3

Hi all
Tonight I have another fun card for you.  The idea for this card came to me - a gingerbread boy in an oven - one day while getting ready for work.  The peek a boo frame seemed to be the perfect way to put this idea onto a card. 

Of course, I needed a good greeting to go with it.  Unfortunately, the oven came out to be a bit larger than I wanted so the greeting is inside.
But I thought it was a fun little idea....Hope you enjoy it too.  Note:  I did not put acetate in the window of the oven door since the back side shows when you open the door at the photo turn, but you could.

Remember, I am doing a squash album class this Friday night - contact me by Monday night if you want to participate.   Please indicate if you have a particular color or theme you want to reflect in your album and I will try to find the perfect designer paper for your album

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