Sunday, January 3, 2010

Vacation is coming to an end...

Hi all,
Sorry I do not have a project ready to post today.  I have been busy doing some last minute prep for my stampin session tomorrow (had to make a last minute adjustment as an important component of the recipe holder did not arrive in time - backordered!) and finish some happy new year's gifts for co-workers.  I hope to be able to post them starting tomorrow.
Wanted to give a shout out "hoo..ray!' for Terry's son and daughter in law who gave birth to a little girl this weekend.  I'm sure Terry is on cloud nine...we will miss her at our stampin sessions as she gives her support to her son and his growing family!
Although I have not accomplished everything I had hoped over the holiday break, I really have to admit I did accomplish several important tasks that I have wanted to get done.  One of those tasks is to update the inventory of my retired stamp sets.  I have made a list and checked it against the actual boxes of stamps for accuracy and hope to post them for sale soon.  Some are as recent as last years products, others go way way back to my "early years" with SU!.  I will be selling them at great prices so stay tuned for the details.  I  need to check my list of retired DSP as I have many of those too.
Tonight we had dinner at Panera, something we often do on weekends, but it was especially fun tonight because I took my new netbook with me and Dave talked me though how to hook up to the net there.  This is all in prep for me to try to hook to the net at work.  There are 7 adults in my room at one school, but only 3 computers.  The chairs in front of the computers never get cold cause there is always someone sitting in them - get in line!  Very frustrating when you have lots of assessment and team reports to crank out.  With my netbook I will be able to write reports without using the school computer. Love it!  Now I have to find a suitable decor element to put on the lid - wish SU! had a rubber stamp decor element...I may have to make one of my own!!.
I have also finished reading (books) and watching(DVD's) quite of bit of a new program that I think is going to be great for some of my kids at school.  I am eager to give it  try!
Didn't get to visit some important friends (Maureen and Bud), my house isn't as clean as I would like, and I still have to prep my January supplies for my ditty bag for my day job, but I always have loftier goals than I can accomplish.  Nothing new!
Now let me hear a cheer for the Ravens!!!!  Go Ravens!! (please don't beat yourselves this week- ssshhheesh!  You are a better team than that!!)
Nighty night

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