Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Recipe holder

Hi all
Once again, I am struggling a bit with this layout but hopefully you can follow along with me. 
The front and back covers of our recipe book are black  plastic - a gift from one of my stampers.  I used my comb binding system to create the holders.  I had hoped to use the SU! vinyl to create the cover design but unfortunately, that item on my order was backordered and arrived today..too late for the session.  Instead I attempted to create die cut cookies using die cut flowers, sponged them, layered them, and added sprinkles on the top using crystal effects as the glue.
Can you tell that the inside of the holder is a series of half envelopes?  We sealed the envelopes then cut them in half and added a band of DSP arround the top, open edge of the envelope.  The gals enjoyed using various edge punches to decorate one edge of the DSP before it was wrapped around the top of the envelope.  We used the tab punch and added tabs to the back of the envelope.  You will write the name of the recipe there and insert the actual recipe card into the envelope.  The bottom front cover of the envelope is a great place to make notations about which pan you found works the best, or info about the person who gave you the recipe or even modifications that have worked well.
We wrapped a ribbon around from the back (it is threaded through large grommets) and a slide is put on the front - to open the holder, all you have to do is loosen the ribbon a bit and lift it over the top.  Our holders have 12 sleeves for 12 reicpes.  Of course you could also use Bind it all to create this holder or even
D rings or ribbon to bind the book. Hope it inspires you to create one too.  One of our gals was thinking she could start now to create these for her friends in her needework group for their next year Christmas present.
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