Thursday, June 17, 2010

Here I go again!!

Hi all!!
I am still whipping up "thank you's" for coworkers and such.  The other day I got a call from my son's math teacher (oh no!!) She called to tell me that my son should be taking a tough math class next year - that he had aced his math final (whooo hoo!!) This comes on the heels of a horrible year with his English teacher.  If you are a parent of a kid like my younger son (very great kid but not so into school!) you can appreciate how welcome the call from the math teacher was. This was not the first time she had contacted me by email or phone to give me good news!  That is my favorite kind of teacher or boss!!  Anyway, I wanted to show my appreciation so here is what I made.
Tomorrow I will share the cards I put inside.

Two more days of school ....whooo hoooo!


Anonymous said...

very cute....

MaGoooo said...

I know how welcomed a gift like this is! I also know your feelings of receiving a wonderful call like that!