Sunday, June 13, 2010

My latest card carrier project

Hi all
Seems that lately I have been stamping "on demand" know, when you NEED to have a project for a special person or occasion.  Here is my latest ...a gift for a dear friend who has fought a hard battle with health issues.  We were happy to celebrate her improved health yesterday in her glorious back yard!  I especially enjoyed seeing my old buds from one of my former schools..hugs, gals!

 This is retired DSP and ribbon on a metal DVD case but the DSP and ribbon are  sooo lovely that I really enjoy using my left overs.  Of course the top note and bird are die cuts.

This is the inside - there are several different cards on the right side and a mini pen.  On the left are the envelopes and a mini scallop die cut envelope to store stamps.
One thing I learned doing sure NOT to put the ribbons in the same place.  They add too much bulk to the box so when you close it doesn't!!  That is why I added the punched closure and velcro on the squeeze it shut.  I could have removed a few cards but I really wanted her to have 6, not 4.
Here is what if looks like on the left when the envelopes are removed.  I added the slip of lined paper for her to jot dates or addys.  Actually I added it because when I moved the ribbon up, I tore the paper a bit and did not have another sheet to replace it.  Instead, I just covered up my boo-boo.  Remember the rule about embellishments?  Where should you put them?  Wherever you NEED to.  Shhh! don't tell Judy I goofed!  It was a gift of love even if the boo boo is hiding unde there.
We could do a class for card carriers if anyone is interested...just let me know.
Back to my school  progress reports......five days left!!!!!

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