Sunday, June 6, 2010

OBES volunteer appreciation treats

Hi all,
Well, tonight the favors are finally has taken a long time to get these done, mostly because of all the distractions I have had many progress reports and evaluation reports for school, my MIL's birthday, and dealing with all of my son's end of school events.  And there were also several steps to assemble these babies!  I am tired, have to admit it!  Anyway, here they are...all 47 of them!
Here are some closer looks...

whoops!  all my text just disappeared!  Anyway, these are not SU stamps - there was not enough turn around time from when I got the charge to do this and when it needed to be done to order from SU.  bummer!  We have a very similar stamp set.  All the cardstock is from SU!  In fact, I used lots of my retiring C/S to make these.  Well, I also got one evaluation report written and about 7 progress reports done tonight..I deserve a good nights sleep tonight!!
All you local gals, here is a reminder...if I haven't received your longaberger order yet, I need it by Thursday night when Wendy will be here.  If you want to attend the event, just email me by Wednesday.
Nighty night

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