Sunday, August 15, 2010

graduation card

Here is a nifty graduation card I made for the daughter of my dear friend, Maureen.  I was too slow getting this card to her but hopefully the well wishes (and the gift inside) will help her forgive me for leaving the darn thing home each time I saw Maureen.  I knew the image would not cover the bottom of the card, (ie. that I would have to stamp it several times) so I started stamping in the middle and added additional images on either side.  When you do that, it helps the card to have a balanced look - you don't end up with half an image on one side and a whole image on the other side.  I take the same approach to punching my borders.  I always start in the middle (or I use a piece of cardstock that is longer than the card I am placing it on so I can trim it to look balanced).
I get such joy when I can send my wishes on a hand stamped card!


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