Thursday, October 27, 2011

Christmas ornaments and decorations, project 4

Hi all
Note: my Oct25th post had a glitch which omitted one of the pictures.  I have fixed the post if you want to check out the back of the Joy ornament, it is now shown on the Oct 25th post.
Today's project is another ornament - the last one from this class, as the other projects from the class are decor items.

This project is a bit of an optical illusion which is created by using a sheet of acetate.  We used ultramarine stazon ink to stamp the Come to Bethlehem image on an acetate circle.  Let me mention here that it is very important that you leave a stem on the acetate circle so that when you insert it into the ornament, the circle stays in place.   If you use a circle without the stem, you run the risk that the circle will "walk" out of alignment (and maybe end up upside down!!).  Of course, you have to make sure the stazon ink is absolutely dry before you roll the acetate and insert it into the glass ornament.

Then, you have to make a cone from a piece of scrap paper and insert it into the opening of the ornament, making sure it goes between the acetate and the glass.   Then, put in about a teaspoon of mica chips and about a half teaspoon of chunky glitter.  Next, move the cone to the other side of the acetate and insert the teaspoon of mica chips and a half  teaspoon of chunky glitter there too.  Put the cap back on the ornament and remember  - don't lay the ornament down, as the glitter and mica will fall out of the top!!!


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Erika Martin - Stampin' Mama said...

What a great idea! I might have to use this idea for my next stamp club! THanks for sharing.