Saturday, October 29, 2011

Christmas ornaments and decorations, project 6

Hi stampers!!
I am excited to begin to show you this next has many parts and they will be posted over the next week. The final project of the class was a shadow box.  I pre-painted all the boxes before the ladies came so I could be sure not to waste time during class on such a  time consuming task.

As you might imagine, SU punches figure prominently in this whole project.  Each of the windows has a piece of DSP in the background - I used two different patterns - one pattern is in the four corners and the center window of the nine for a total of 5 pieces; the other four pieces are at the N S E W  positions.Here is the first window of the project.....

Row one, window one:  This picture shows an ornament punch of DSP which has been outlined with a gold paint pen.  It is put in the window on dimensionals and a piece of red glass is attached in the center.  I am one of those people who never throws away anything that can be reused (can you spell tree hugger recycler?)  This glass was part of a gaudy holiday decoration from way back.  So glad I finally found a good use for it!!
Come back tomorrow for a look at the next window.

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The Belly Dancer said...

I love Christmas ornaments. Have lots of fun.