Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Girly cards, cards, cards!! 7 of 7

Hi all
Today I want to share the last card from the girly card class.   This one is very special. 

You probably can barely see the special feature of this card so I will explain that it is a gift card holder.  But what makes it unique is that there is a tear off strip near the top of the card (where the Happy Birthday is).  See the green strip on the left side of the card -  if you pull it across the card, it will tear open a path across the front cover of the card to expose a gift card inside.
It was a fun and special card for the gals.   The next class (Sunday, May27th) is the guy project class.  Registration ends Thursday May 24th (my son's birthday!) so contact me if you want to attend.

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