Monday, July 9, 2012

Beach Cards, Project 5

Hi all,
Today I have a fun little card for you.   It is especially appropriate given the incredible temperatures we have been having.  I have to admit, that we did not lose power during the recent storm - only had several flickers.  Actually, I really thought we had ghost!  The power would flicker and the TV would click off.  I was working in my stamp room at the time (of course!) and the remote was across the room... so I went and got it, turned the TV on and went back to work.  Then the TV flickered off again...back across the room to the remote.  this happened several times.  Guess I should have put the remote in my pocket because each time it happened, I had moved around the room again.  It finally stopped!!  go away, ghost!  I can't complain.   As I write this (a bit ahead of when it will appear) my sister STILL doesn't have power.  Fortunately, her neighbor across the street does have power and so a very long extension cord is keeping Mel's fridge going. I digress.  Here' the card....

This card used the "Life's a Beach" retired stamp set - a really fun summer set.  Can you tell that I applied Crystal Effects to the inner tube?   Really makes it look great! 
Contact me if you would like to add  my Life's a Breeze stamp set to your collection for only $5 (plus postage if it needs to be mailed).

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