Friday, May 8, 2009

card holder final

Hi all
Tonight I have the final pictures of the project we will be making at class tomorrow night.
For some reason I can never get the pictures to show in the order I want them to so hopefully you can figure out that there is a picture of the inside of the holder - complete with a notepad, pen, and envelope for postage stamps, as well as a pocket for the envelopes. There is another picture of the cards sitting in front of the holder and the third picture is of the holder with the cards in the pocket. There are several versions of this project on the internet but I tweaked the bidea a bit - I was aiming for a way that efficiently used the materials.
If you won't be with us tomorrow night you will miss a great project - nice layout for a gift. Each of the gals will me making her own version as I am letting them choose from a variety of DSP's. I hope to take pictures of their projects to post here in the next few days.
Nighty Night

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pattic said...

I wish I was going on Friday!!