Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Hi all
I wish you were here with me just now because you would hear me laughing in delight! I think most of my stampin gals know that I do not take credit for other people's ideas. When they compliment me on a project, I will say "I got the idea from xxx" or "I tweaked someone's idea" but tonight I think I have a novel idea - I have not seen anything like it elsewhere and it is the very simpliest idea ever!!!! For this project I used a scallop circle diecut. The idea came to me when I was asked for ideas for a combo shower to be held at work (school) for two gals - one is getting married and the other just had a baby. Now what theme would work for both - well since they are both showers I thought we could make umbrella's. For the shaft of the umbrella I used a Bogdon's Reception stick (aren't they the yummiest!!!) I simply cut in from the edge to the center of the scallop circle and then overlapped the parts on either side of the cut by 6 bumps and adhered with snail. The candy has a mini glue dot on the very end to stick it to the circle center. I think this is soooo neat!! ...if I do say so myself!!!!
Now I spent the evening watching the biggest loser (sure hope Helen wins) and flipping over to Dancing with the Stars to see who got kicked off ( WOW! Little Kim!) and working on a secret project which I cannot show you until next week. I am pleased with it too but sorry you'll have to wait to see it!!
Nighty Night


Linda said...

Brilliant!!!! Great idea especially for showers! You're so talented my friend.

Ann said...

it's darling!!