Thursday, May 28, 2009

Is she gone again??

Hi all
No, I am not gone!! I am just absolutely swamped with end of the school year stuff - assessment reports (my schools are still getting permission for me to test but I have to be done in the next 11 days - I usually have 60-90 days to do testing! ach!), and progress reports (only about 40!) and all the while still seeing all my students. I have been very involved in compiling a memory book for a coworker who is retiring after about 30 years of service at the same school. Wow! I have asked my coworkers to each make a memory page to put in a book for this great lady - wow! is it fun to see what folks come up with. Of course, the best pages are ones that include the comments or drawings by the students - sooo funny! I worked with some ladies to make about 60 "favors" for the dinner on Friday night. Next, I have to compile a smaller memory book for another coworker who is transferring to another school after her position was cut in half. Then the final project is to make favors for a combination baby/wedding shower (two different ladies) - then I think I will be able to pack up my stuff and bring it home for the summer! whew - no wonder I am tired. Tonight I went to a meeting about a graduate class I am taking this summer - we were told which two books we are supposed to read ...before the class begins on the 22nd! Luckily the books look great so I am eager to read them! I am still working up the projects for my grads and congrats class this Sunday. Yep! I have been a busy bee. I'll post some new pics soon! Thanks for your patience. Don't forget to order your designer paper before the 31st - buy 3 get one free. And if you have finally climbed off the fence and decided to join me in my stampin fun, get your demo starter kit NOW while the fee is ONLY $75!!
One last thought..John really liked his drum birthday card - he even saved it! - high praise from a 16 year old, I think!
Nighty night.

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