Thursday, September 10, 2009

090609 project #4

Hi all
Okay, now I truly admire clever people, and the gal (I saw the idea on Ellen Kemper's website) that came up with this idea (the fish) is one clever gal!!! Why? What is so clever about a fish?? She used the ornament punch to make the fish!!! Gotta love that!!!!! The top and bottom fins are a modern lable punch and the middle fin is a circle with one side trimmed using the modern lable punch. Cute cute cute!!!
Now Peggy (my latest recruit, Hi Peg!) is in BIG trouble with Terry (my next to latest recruit, Hi Terry at the beach! lucky!) because Terry had to use a brayer on this card and Peggy was not there for moral support. These two gals are confronting their stampin' phobias one by one - first it was the stamp-a-ma-jig and now it is the brayer!! spiders I could understand, but a brayer? Come on!!! Sorry, just kidding! ANYWAY, the horizontal wiggly lines were put on by placing rubber bands around the brayer head, inking and rolling across the cardstock. Then we used a sponge on the spaces around the lines. The fish hook was made from a Christmas ornament hanger which I happened to have on hand. (There is no end to the interesting little things I have hanging around!) Ellen made her fish Dory from the Nemo movie. Cute!
Nighty Night

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pattic said...

love the fish!! Wish I'd been there. Looks like you made some fabulous cards!