Friday, September 18, 2009

091309 #5

Hi all
The details of this nifty card might be hard to discern from this picture ...the cover of the card includes a segment of clear acetate that allows you to see Santa's sleigh through the front of the card. The sleigh is actually stamped on the inside of the card. Cool!
I spend my days working with kids with fine and visual motor difficulties but this card showed me you can trick adults too. Why? Because according to the index, the correct way to mount the Santa stamp on the wood block puts him at a climbing angle. But to get him to fit in the space available for the acetate window, the gals had to hit the paper with the stamp rotated on an odd angle - some of them were very uncomfortable NOT squaring the stamp up with the cardstock - I tried to help by putting masking tape on the top of the block with a line drawn to line up with the flap of the card but alas, they were still uncomfortable with the angle. But everyone manage to eventually get santa stamped and this was some of the ladies favorite card. Thanks to Dawn for the idea of having a acetate segment on the cover.

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