Sunday, November 28, 2010

Black Friday activities

Hi all
Hope everyone is enjoying the holiday weekend!  Many of you spent Black Friday standing in lines and shopping the malls.  Not me!!  Last week I decided to schedule to have my car worked on - regular maintenance.  I called to make the appointment and the lady astonished me with her prediction of the cost.  Apparently I had rolled over a major mileage level and big things needed to be taken care of.  My car has been great so I resigned myself to the fact that eventually we all have to face the music. Go for it!  Well, when I dropped off the car we discovered I had another major "thing" to be updated the "estimate" doubled...yikes!  A couple of hours later, the sales gal called me to confirm that the second "thing" was indeed necessary...AND when they checked my front and rear brakes they needed replacement....and the estimate was now triple the original amount!!!  Luckily, I was given a rental car free so I was able to be at home during the day.   I feared driving an unfamiliar car in the craziness of the mall parking lots, so at home is where I stayed. Although I usually do all the family driving, I chose to leave the rental car at home.  Anyway while I was waiting for the car repairs to be finished, I worked on making a pile of tags.  Each year the drumline and the color guard  go to Barnes and Noble to wrap holiday gifts in hopes of getting some donations from the patrons for the Band.  I always make tags to go with the gifts as the store only gives us the paper.  We are doing two Saturdays in December (11th and 18th) during the day at the White Marsh store.  If you are there, stop by and say hi!  Here is what I accomplished while I waited for my car to be finished.

The DSP is retired from previous years; the snowflakes are from a current SU/Sizzix strip die.  The base of each tag was cut from the cardboard box that contained my anniversary roses.  I love to recycle!!  I covered the green side and let the white show in the back.  I think I finished over 70 - hope that is enough for at least the first day.
Stop back tomorrow to see the countdown to Christmas tin I made.  I was very happy with how it turned out.

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