Sunday, November 14, 2010

Makin' fun for the kids!!

Hi all 
Today I have a simple little project to show you.  Why simple?  Because this is the project I have offered to set up for the kids at one of my schools to make when they come to Barnes and Noble night at our local store.  Last year they had 100 kids show up but this year they are expecting closer to 200!!!!  Holy cow!!  200 kids in just a couple of hours.  Yowwww zaaa!  I have decided to use the owl punch - mostly because the schools mascot is the owl!!!  Hope the kids will enjoy making the owl into a reindeer!!  We will attach them to the popsicle stick as a bookmark. 
We will use gem and wiggle eyes and adhesive dots to speed up the process and the mouth is done using a white gel pen.  His antlers are made from 1/3 of a snowflake punch.
Now here is what I wanted to share with you .....The snowflake punch takes quite a hard squeeze to cut through cardstock - mostly because of all the details.  I was struggling (my carpal tunnel didn't enjoy this activity) but then it occurred to me I should try my old power punch.  It worked!!!!  see here....
So glad I thought to try it!!  See the white strips attached to the sides?  I put them on the sides to  show me where to position the two inch strip of cardstock so I could accurately align the paper to the punch without turning the punch up side down.  I punched them out lickety split!!  I'm all ready and the event isn't for weeks!!  We will probably stick the eyes and jewels onto the dots and let the kids peel them off.  Hope it works!!
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