Saturday, June 4, 2011

card class project #5

Hi all

Well last night my younger son graduated from high school.  An emotional moment for sure! He is one of over 500 kids who graduated from his high school so the list of names lasted a very long time - I felt kinda sorry for the little old lady who actually handed out the diplomas - she was moving at warp speed!  They had her do a row of kids from one end of the stage and then she walked to the other end of the stage and did another row of kids until all 500+ were done.  She must have felt that she was doing a marathon!  On Monday he starts taking a college math class.  Quick turn around from high school to college.
In honor of his graduation, I am posting the graduation card we made at class and that we will be making on Sunday, June 12th.

This card can easily be colored to match the school colors of the recipient.  I made the tassel from DMC floss.  Enjoy!!


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