Sunday, June 5, 2011

card class project #6

Hi all
Today I want to share with you a tricky little card.  This card is 3 x 6" and will fit into a bill paying envelope.  Sometimes I like to break away from the standard 4 1/4" x 5 1/2" and this little card made the break even more fun!!

To get the full effect of this card, you need to have a cover and an inside of different patterns or colors.  Otherwise you cannot really see what is happening!  Of course, the fact that we used a die cut tag made this card a little extra special for me...i love my Big Shot!!.  By cutting away the part of the white tag that is outside the perforation, I was able to layer it on another tag for some depth.  Look at the inside of the card...

Can you see that part of what you saw on the front of the card at the top of this post is actually the inside of the card?  The two layers are interlocked using slits.  Now you may think it is odd to have the greeting on the cover but I think this card would be great to hold a gift card.   Just tack it on the inside of the card on the left side and viola!  Your gift appears!  Now isn't that fun?!?!?
...gotta get back to my progress reports... 33 done and only 10 more to go!  whoo hoo!
hugs all...summer is almost here.......hope to see you at class next Sunday, 12th!

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