Thursday, June 2, 2011

More metal pins!!

Hi all
I am interrupting the show of card projects to show you some more of the metal pins I made using my Big Shot, a die, and some metal flashing material for roofing. 

Originally, I was asked to make tags to be tied onto some starter plants that the committee was buying for each volunteer.  As I was making the tags, they didn't seem that great to me.  The committee had asked that I stamp something "kiddie lit" on the tags images from children's literature.  Well, the only thing I had of that nature was tons and tons of Winnie the Pooh Stamps.(my fav!)  I didn't actually have enough time to color in each of the ninety outline images so I decided to make pins to put on the tags too.  I dropped them off at school on Tuesday (Monday was the holiday and I am not usually there on Tuesdays and Wednesdays) because I wanted them to have enough time to tie the tags onto the plants for today.  When I got to school this am, I went to the cafeteria to see how they looked.   Imagine my amazement when I didn't see any plants.  Where were they?  Then I noticed that the pins were on the table in front of each seat.  When I saw the committee chair, I asked what happened to the plants?  She said they ran short on time and decided the pins were enough.  Boy am I glad I didn't make ninety tags to hang on nothing!! 

This was my favorite of all the metal pins.
Hope you like it too!!

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Carri said...

What die did you use to make the dragon fly? I love it!