Sunday, June 12, 2011

Quick hi!

Hi all
Sorry I have been MIA ...we have had a odd week.  Earlier in the week we heard that my husband's dad was in the hospital....and not in good shape.  They have not seen each other in quite a while (long story) but my husband did get in to visit with him.  Then on Thursday at 6 am we got a call from my brother in law that FIL had passed away at 3 am.  At 1 PM that afternoon my husband called me at work to say the viewing (not the traditional kind) was happening at 2 PM.  Luckily our schools closed early that day for heat and my AP let me leave a smidge early  so I was able to accompany hubby to the viewing.  Very odd situation ....full of questions and intrigue.  Stressful and upsetting....and out of our control. 
Friday night my son had his very last high school drum performance...they did a Drums and Dessert event and we enjoyed watching him as always.  We are so proud of his accomplishments, especially the drumming and are sorry to see his formal band time end.  We are investigating other options for his drumming as his college program does not have any percussion options.  bummer.  I am having a stampin class tomorrow and then I have one more week of school ....then....S U M M E R!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   whoo hoo!
Hope you will let me know what kinds of classes you would like to see and what days of the week and times are best for you.....During the summer I have lots more options!!
Stay cool!

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