Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Baby Memory Tin and snack server

Hi all
This past weekend I had an opportunity to create another baby memory tin for a coworker.  Luckily this time, I knew the baby is a girl and that her name will be "Ella". 

The plan for the nursery is light purple so I tried to work that in where ever I could.  She has a simple and short name so there was some extra space on the front.  I decided to add some elements. 

I added a heart because I remember how much the meaning of heart changed when I had my children.  Suddenly it was not just an organ to keep the body working but also the seat of your concerns and wishes for your dear baby.

And the other side... what can be more whimsical than a butterfly encrusted with rhinestones.

On the back I decided to add a crown - after all, aren't all little girls princesses? 

The top of the can includes the poem which explains that the papers on one side and the pen on the other are to record those special moments in baby's life.  That way you don't lose those precious details in the rush of life.
Here is the simple, simple, simple treat holder I made for the shower. 

 Usually I make individual favors but I simply ran out of time.  So I made a cute little baby carriage (actually four of them) to hold special pretzels and four cuffs to put around a cut-down styrofoam cup to hold the dip.  Love my Big Shot...I find a way to include it in nearly everything I make!
Would you like a baby tin for a baby in your life?  contact me, I do work on consignment!

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Anonymous said...

Love it you did a great job and thank you for sharing.