Wednesday, February 18, 2009

BIG news!!!

I have just gotten off a teleconference with Shelli of Stampin' Up! where it was announced that in July, 2009 we will going back to one catalog per year. Lots of you asked for this and look! you got it!! Now for those of you who preferred two catalogs, you will be happy to know that there will now be three mini catalogs a year, each with a selling period of 4 months. In addition,(PAY ATTENTION - THIS IS GREAT!) there will be a small group of new hostess sets in each mini catalog. Sounds like a great plan for everyone...I know we will love it!!! Best of both worlds!!



Mary K said...

When are we SU Demos going to find out about the new Catty changes? I think it is a real good idea though. Less costly.

Peggy said...

SU Demos were told last night on the teleconference - though of course, many demos were not on there as it was an optional offering. I suspect you will see an announcement on line very soon.