Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Jack's baby tin - final

Hi all, Well tonight I am posting the final pictures of the baby tin I made for Jack, grandson of a coworker. The idea is to use the pen hanging from one side of the handle to write on the tags hanging from the other side of the handle to record those precious moments that occur in the baby's life. By writing the date and a brief comment, the mom can capture that important data that she will want to refer to later ...maybe to help her scrapbook. That's all for tonight..are you glad there were no cupcakes tonight??
Nighty Night


Linda said...

This came out sooooo cute!!!! I love the idea of writing on the tags for future referal - nice job, my friend. :)

Peggy said...

HI! I just wanted to tell you what a BIG hit your gift is. Maribeth loves it too! What a great idea! And trust me, she didn’t receive anything so cute and useful from any of her showers! You are so creative and very thoughtful! Thank you!

Love Tricia