Wednesday, March 18, 2009

popup distraction

Hi all!!
Okay, I admit it! I got distracted!! My demo order arrived yesterday and I did not get a chance to even look at my goodies! Gasp!! Sooooo today I just HAD to give the old pop up ball a try. What a fun little project. Just be sure you have your sticky strip because there are many little places to tack down. Luckily, I planned ahead and already had my #16 rubber bands ready - three of the rubber bands inside the ball are what make this little guy pop! Can't wait to turn it into a final project. I couldn't get to that tonight because I was trying to figure out how to finish my card tin for the Vera Bradley Bingo at Perry Hall HS - My crop a dile did not reach in far enough to punch a hole in the tin - but I persevered and finished it. Looks good!
Nighty Night

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