Tuesday, December 22, 2009

merry christmas to my coworkers!

Hi all,   I'm not quite sure what is going on with blogspot but I don't seem to be able to post in the same formats I did before ... so I apologize if this comes out oddly.  Hopefully, all you care about is getting the idea and not so much how well aligned the page is.
You are seeing one of about 65 of these I have made ..only need about 20 more and I'll be done!!  But my coworkers seem to be enjoying them a lot as my Christmas card so I am glad to do the labor.
The task would have been easier if York hadn't gone to mylar packaging instead of the old wrap around papers of yesteryear.  It takes a bit of scrunching to get the peppermint patty in the cup - and I even had to pierce a small hole in some of the packages that seem particularly fat from excess air in the pouch.  But, from the reactions I am getting, I don't think folks are waiting very long to eat their treat so I don't think the mini hole will cause them to go stale too quickly!  The base brilliant blue card is a non-SU die from sizzix - those of you who know me know I have LOTS of sizzix dies from way before SU began to carry them.  I love my sizzix and I use it often and well.
Hope you all have a wonderful holiday.  I expect to be posting throughout the holidays so when you get a free minute stop in to see what I'm up to!!  Joy and blessings on all.

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