Thursday, April 21, 2011

I interrupt this string of posts....

Hi all
I'm on spring break from school and have been running here and there tackling important chores and meeting with friends I can only connect with when school is out. Today I met two great ladies for lunch.  We went to a nice little place with really great pizza - super thin crust so we didn't feel guilty that we were overdoing the carbs!!  yum!  I'll have to remember to suggest that place when my family is looking for someplace other than our usual haunts. When we get together to chat, these gals and I jump topics like hiccoughs and there is nothing funnier to us than ourselves.  I love people who are unpretentious.  There are enough snobs in the world so when you find real people, you like to hold them close.  Special thanks to Dar who treated us to the lunch today.  Totally unnecessary...the company was worth any cost the meal might have totaled.  She is a generous sweetie.  I was delighted that Judy was able to join us - it didn't seem likely that she would make it with her busy schedule taking care of other people's needs.  I'm telling you, these gals are great!  So glad we did not lose touch when we ended up at different schools.
ANYWAY... I want to show you what I have been doing over the last couple of days ...when I had a bit of free time.  The first full week of May is teacher appreciation week at my son's high school.  The PTSA asked for donations and I wanted to contribute something.  I anticipated that they would need  about 200 lunch favors - turns out the number is closer to 230.  Now making 230 of anything takes some time and it takes some planning to complete the task efficiently.  I chose a die cut box that used only a half a sheet of cardstock AND here is the good part....the box is self closing so I did not need to use any adhesive.  Wow!!!  That was a huge time and money saver.  This is not a SU die but instead an Accucut die I bought years ago, before SU started carrying Sizzix.  I am fortunate to have the big Accucut roller cutting machine so the cutting went quickly.
Here is the pile of finished boxes - three layers deep!

Here is a closer shot of the boxes.  The school's mascot is the gator so I used the gator from the Longfellows hostess set on the sides.  On the top I stamped "much appreciated" from the retired set of the same name (a four piece set on sale from me for $5 if anyone is interested) and "many thanks" from the also retired "All Year Cheer I" set (this 12 piece set is also available for sale for $10).  I used an old mini alphabet set to stamp the "U R" above the "much appreciated".

I laid the stamped die cut flat so you can see how I stamped the gators.  Amazingly I was able to get the front and back halves to match up at the corners easily.  Looks like he is walking around the box.

I hope you can see how I stamped these in this super close picture.  Inside each box are three candies (two different kinds).

Fun, huh?

Does your group need some favors for your special events?  Contact me to find out what options I have to make your groups treats!!   Other than the MANY SU dies I own, I have many many other dies as well. Boxes and containers galore!!


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