Thursday, September 1, 2011

Simply scored

Hi stampers!!
Stampin' Up has added the Simply Scored scoring board to the current products in the Holiday mini catalog which is active today.  This is a wonderfully useful tool and SU has added some great features not found in other company's score tools.  They have nifty little markers that fit into slots at the top of the board to show you exactly which groove to score in - VERY helpful when you are scoring many pieces of c/s - such as when prepping for a stamp a stack class or when you are scoring cardstock for your holiday cards. Think how much easier it will be to make several boxes!!!
Note:  I am thinking I might use a sharpie marker to make the markers two different colors so I can use the red markers when scoring one side of the cardstock and the green ones when I score the adjacent side of the cardstock. I could score in one direction using the red markers then rotate the cardstock and use the green markers to tell me where to score in the other direction without moving the markers!  Cool.
My favorite feature is the centering ruler at the top of the board, just above the regular ruler.   I love how a centering ruler (with 0 in the center, and the inches counting out to either side) helps to cut/fold cardstock in half even if it is an odd size, without doing the math on small measurements.
Tonight (8-17-11) I went to use my brand new simply score board to score the center of a HUGE stack of top note dies.  Of course, with no straight sides, it is a little tricky to get a dead on straight line from point to point..  So (here comes my helpful tip...) I took my sharpie marker and rode it down the 6" groove.

Then I was able to run the stylus from tip to tip of the top note die which I had aligned to the colored grooves, knowing that I had not visually tracked the path incorrectly.

This is one of those tasks were aligning the odd edged side to the side of the board is not going to work!!

It worked great for this funky edged piece!!


Anita said...

Great tip!

Kim Score said...

great tip, thanks or sharing

Jayne Stenstrom said...

What a great tip! I also love the idea of coloring the place markers. I'll be implementing these ideas on my SS tool soon! TFS!