Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Where did I go?

Sorry stampers,
I haven't posted in the last few days...I have been busy prepping for my Holiday Stamp a Stack class on Sunday, Sept 11.  There is always soo much cutting in prep for these classes.  I should have accomplished more since my guys were gone for much of the weekend, attending the Grand Pris race in Baltimore.  What a treat for me to see my now-grown children enjoying an activity together other than an FFF activity.   What is FFF?  Well, years ago I worked with a teacher who called activities that you make your kids attend even though they don't really want to go, FFF - stands for "forced family fun"  Love it!  Anyway, my older son's hobby is the Baja race team out of UMBC - they build little cars from the ground up and race them (Davy is a BIG guy so he does not drive but he is fabulous at tooling special parts for the car.   Now my younger son is in an automotive program at CCBC so their interests are crossing paths.  Last Christmas, Davy gave John the tickets to the race as his gift - John was thrilled and is hoping Davy has that idea again this Christmas as he would love to go again next year.  They enjoyed the weekend immensely and my husband even attended on Saturday too - he came home hot and tired and compared the event to walking around Disney World.  He was very happy to see some Porsches race - his favorite car. 
Back to work tomorrow ...I'm really looking forward to finally seeing my students for therapy tomorrow.  the school year is finally moving along!  Whoo hoo!  
I have only a couple of seats left for Sunday's stampin session - if you would like to be in one of them, contact me now!!  have a good short week!
Want to send a shout out to my stampin buddy Peggy.  She had a birthday and turned another year younger!!

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