Wednesday, November 14, 2012

getting my life back!!!!

Hi Stampers!!! Can you see me jumping up and down in excitement? Can you hear me cheering? Well the first reason to be soooo happy is that today I finally finished my last progress report for the first quarter of the school year!!! Yeah!! so many to do and so much to say...but after two weeks of nightly evening and weekend work, they are finished for now! Then a little birdie told me that Stampin' Up! is having a very special special starting Monday. I will share the details as soon as they are posted BUT if you are in love with the BIG SHOT as much as I am, NOW is the time to buy!!! The price is being reduced on the Big Shot ...tell your significant other to get you this fabulous tool!!! Contact me to find out the special days for this special price. Time to share a pic. Today I want to show you a funny little Halloweentreat I made for the staff at my two schools.
This little witches broom is made from the paper Stampin' Up! uses to pack their boxes for shipping. I love using this paper. It is good for so many uses and it is free! And I love recycling perfectly good stuff! I plan to start posting my last stamp a stack cards but I see that blogger has made some changes again so don't be too harsh if my posts look funny! They seem to be ignoring my formatting! I am hostessing a repeat session of this Sunday's ornament class. The repeat class witll be held on December 1 - yep!! that is a SATURDAY. We will begin at me to reserve your seat!! Peggy

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