Friday, November 30, 2012

Holiday SAS session 4, project 5

Hi all
Here is the last holiday stamp a stack card for this season.  It is a fun card that was inspired by one I saw on the blog of another demo in my Stampin' Up! group, Patty.   As usual, I tweaked it a bit. 

When we made it in class, everyone got an assortment of Designer Series background papers and it was fun to see how the different papers change the overall look of the card.  Why did I do that?  Well, first of all, it is difficult to come up with enough of the same DSP for everyone to make exactly the same card, especially when each person is making multiples of each card.  Also, I once had a lovely lady attend all my classes for many months, but she obsessed about making her card EXACTLY like mine.  She was undone if she had to use a different pattern, or button, or ribbon.  It was so sad for me to see that she wouldn't allow herself to explore the possibilities.  She would ask for help, insisting that her card be just like mine.  I think most seasoned stampers will agree that sometimes the best ideas you come up with are accidents!!  I want my gals to have the opportunity to see how variations help express your individual style.
This card made use of many of my punches... pennant punch for the Santa hat, mitten builder for the mittens, owl punch for the goodie bag, tag punch for the bricks, and little label punch for the packages. Love it!!
Come back soon to see the ornaments from the Dec 1st class.


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