Saturday, June 20, 2009

Big Shot Project #4

Hi all,
I designed this booklet to hold pictures of your loved ones. I love to carry little books like this with pictures of my family when I travel to convention (soon!!). The frame of the booklet is made using the main section of the bag with scallops die. I scored and folded the base of the main section 5 times to create hills and valleys where the pages were inserted. I really love the way the letters in LOVE are tabbed so you see a different letter on each page. (Yes, that set is retired!!) You slip a picture in behind the punched hole. Love it! Each page was made with a folded piece of cardstock so when you put the picture in, it won't slide out. There was a trick with the heart punch - that folded piece of cardstock had to have the fold at the top because you cannot use the heart punch with the fold at the bottom - if you do, when you punch, it ends up upside down. Nighty Night

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Linda said...

This is just brilliant!!! I am going to come to your house for a weekend, I swear, so you can teach me all of these projects. Thanks!